Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yet another failure of the Bush Administration

Yet another failure of the Bush Administration

This time the failure is the disorganized death of Saddam Hussein.

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure he was a horrible guy. I have no doubt that he raped, murdered, and tortured people and that he deserved to be brought to justice for it. I would prefer him to be in jail than dead, but I do believe that any court that could have found death as a penalty would have found this penalty.

Here is where the failure comes in. America invested billions in propaganda to make Iraq and Saddam an enemy. We took the leader of another country to death and destroyed the natural order of that country.
This puts America in a very bad position. Why should another country not be able to declare us as an enemy and kill our leader?

The court that found Saddam guilty was not an international court.
Not all of the evidence against Saddam was brought to court.
Saddam killed far more people than he was tried for, these other victims deserve a voice.

Bush took away the voice of some of the victims of Saddam. Perhaps because Rumsfeld needed cover. Saddam's WMD were from America. Saddam's victims were targeted by America.

Through Saddam we used chemical weapons against Iran. What is to stop Iran from investing billions in propaganda, call us the enemy and kill our leader?

If the death penalty is used against a human, that human should at least have the right to a civil death. Let the human pass in peace. Saddam's death was chaos, people shouting at him telling him to go to hell. It gets worse...

Saddam's death will further separate the people of Iraq.

If the sentence was delayed, a new trial given to Saddam he would have surely met the same end. But the difference is that the court could have been internationally recognized. The people of Iraq could have seen this as a unifying action instead of a dividing one. And most of all the full list of victims of Saddam could have been heard. America would have been forced to come to terms with it's past. America would have to learn from it's mistakes. And Rumsfeld would have one more reason given to him why he will burn in hell.


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