Sunday, December 31, 2006

Events of September 11, 2001

When discussing / debating the events on 9/11 the debate should start here:

  • Chemical analysis shows that Thermate was used to destroy the buildings
  • The towers fell too quickly
  • Explosions were reported before the planes hit
  • There are many problems with the Pentagon story
  • The government continues to change their story to keep up with the evidance
  • NIST built a model of the towers and could not reproduce the damage
  • Cheney went out of his way to be in charge of the secret control room (this is not the vice president's job pre-2000), Cheney is at the same time conducting war games that are identicle to the events of the day.

Bush in the classroom :
Consider this. You are a member of Bush's seceret service. Suddenly it is realized that the country is under attack. Your mind will immedately go to 1) your job 2) your own saftey.

Here is what you know:
  • Planes are being used as weapons.
  • An unknown number of people must have worked together to cause this event.
  • It is a big event.
  • If the presidnet dies you die.

Here is what you do not know:
  • How many planes.
  • What other weapons will be used / have been used.
  • How many attackers there are.

Here is what you must assume:
  • Since the president's location has been widely published for at least a month they know where the president is.
  • Since they are using a mobile weapon they can hit anywhere at anytime.
  • The attacks will mostly likely occur now as opposed to later since planes can be grounded or destroyed.

  • The president is in the greatest danger now.
  • The best way to protect the president is to leave the area.
  • The people in the area are also in danger they should also leave.
  • You are in danger if you want to live then you must also leave.

My point:
  • It would be incorrect to assume that the unknown entity would/could not attack the president.
  • If you are the secret service your own human instincts should have kicked in. "I want to live".
  • This did not occur.
  • Therefore the seceret service must have known that the terrorist would not attack the president.


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