Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yet another failure for the Bush administration

WOO HOOO this is a biggie.

This time failure comes in the form of a nuclear bomb explosion. From an "Evil doer". The "evil doer" is Kim Jong il. The news hasn't told me were th bomb exploded yet so I assume is was in North Korea. That is this time the nuclear explosion was in North Korea.

North Korea has accumulated 80% of its plutonium since Bush took over.
Bush has been quoted by Prince Bandar as saying "Why should I care about North Korea?".

I've wrote this before. Kim Jong Il is like a 3year old.. No lets say. 5. He's like 5 now, he has the bomb he's wearing the big-boy pants (whether they fit or not). A 5 year old in a room full of adults holding a hand gernade in his left hand. He tells the adults he wants to play. The 5 year old understands the power of the toy in his hand and most importantly he understands that when he puts the gernade down his turn to play is over.

Now as a Texan want-to-be yankee moron Bush sees this problem as simple black and white. Tackle the kid take the hand-gernade. Unfortunatly Bush is surronded by people who do not want to die and are not complete morons. They tell Bush they will get the hand gernade and he should worry about pretzel-gate (pretend to be hit in the face by accident in an amuzing way).

This "foriegn policy" has proved it's self in two ways:
  1. It doesn't work well
  2. It leads to big corruption very quickly


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