Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yankee Plane hits building

A plane has hit another building.

I challenge you to ponder the following:

  • There was a strict no-fly zone enacted over and around Washington DC after 9/11
  • There is no similar no-fly zone in New York.
    • Even though they are located near the coast and the area is more easily avoided.
    • Even though planes hitting buildings in New York is almost common.

  • The damage to the building was nothing.
    • The concrete was not damaged, not turned into powder.
    • Only near-by windows were destroyed.
  • Consider this you-tube video of a fighter jet smashing into a brick on concrete:
    • The concrete is not damaged
    • Fire only occurs at the location of the plane hit (as opposed to fire at the top of the building and fire at the base of the building).

  • The planes of 9/11 also did very little damage to the building.
    • Little fire
    • Only a few piece of steal were cut.

  • The building did not fall
  • 9/11 building 2 fell after burning for 1 hour
  • 9/11 building 1 fell after burning for 2 hours

  • A full investigation will be conducted, the plane will be rebuilt from it's pieces
  • 9/11 the planes were carried off and possibly sold for scrap metal


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