Friday, October 06, 2006

Strategy for Democrats

What the republicans have to tell us is that they are keeping us safe. It is their duty to make the case that
  1. We are in danger
  2. They have been helping us

Both of these statements are untrue. The republicans have had both the House and the Senate, and the Executive and now more than ever the Judical. Their power is unchecked even by the media. Right-wing propaganda has spread all over the world including into America over bills that the right wing wanted to pass. Their protection has been shit. We are in more danger and are closer to falling apart from corruption now more than ever. This is the republican legacy.

Make this message simple for the people. Regan once said “Are you better off now than you were?” No one is better off now. Afganistan women are being burnt alive. Iraqi torture chambers are busier than ever. The air is worse, the economy is worse. Or relations with Pakistan and North Korea are worse. These republicans have fucked up every single thing they have touched. so that’s the position democracts are in. We have been witness to 8 years of success and 8 years of failure. All republicans have to show for it is a few scare tactics (911! 911!).

The ball is in our court, all we have to do is make the case that you republicans. Having gotten everything that you wanted are making the clain that you are making us safe.

Safe from what?

In reality Bush has taken away our rights. If you criticize the Bush machine’s tactics they label you unpatriotic and a threat to national security. This is not what America stands for.

This Vice President Dick Cheney personally took away the rights of a father 2 days before fathers day. The father happened to see Cheney in a very rare circumstance where Cheney was outside allowing the public to greet him. The father stood in line and told the dictator that he did not agree with the approach to the war Iraq. The father left the area but came back later. At this time Cheney instructed his guards to arrest the individual for his spoken word. The fater was dragged off infront of his 8 year old boy. The fathers first thoughts were for his son, you can’t leave an 8 year old at the mall alone! The guards told the father that they would take his son to social services (They threaten him, they told him that they would take his son away from him. Now at the time I am forced to believe that neither side really believed the claim that was made. That is not the point. The vice president of the United States of America allowed this to happen. That is the point.)

The father is suing the guards and hopefully someday the dictator also. It is going to a Civil court so we will have to wait and see what happens.

In my opinion Dick Cheney deserves to rot in hell for a couple of years,, oops did I say Hell. That is not what I meant he should be in Jail. That is what we do to people that behave like him.


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