Thursday, October 19, 2006

Future failed policy: Space War!!

Bush has announced that he is going to protect us from invaders from space. Not aliens, other countries. Bush is going to tap the one last place in the universe where there are no WMD and make sure that the WMD put there are on our WMD.

Rumsfled made Iraq safe from Biological weapons.
Rumsfled made Iran safe from nuclear power.
Now Rumsfeld will make space and thus the world safe from war.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How Iran went Nuclear

Here is something the Bush machine doesn't want you to know:

Iran went nuclear under the approval of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

1976 Iran sees itself as having a lot of oil but a finite supply. They need to sell the oil to improve infastructure but at the same time they will need to plan for energy needs of the future. Also as a security check Iran should have an indigenous method to produce nuclear fuel. Under President Ford and with the blessing of Rumsfled and Cheney Iran went nuclear.

Lets look at these facts, this will rock your world:
  • Bin Laden created by our CIA
  • Hussien put in power by America.
  • Donald Rumsfled sold Iraq all of the biological weapons it had.
  • Iran went nuclear with the blessing of Rumsfled and Cheney.
  • Korea actively ignored while they threaten to go nuclear

This is a long standing policy of corruption, error and failure.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yankee Plane hits building

A plane has hit another building.

I challenge you to ponder the following:

  • There was a strict no-fly zone enacted over and around Washington DC after 9/11
  • There is no similar no-fly zone in New York.
    • Even though they are located near the coast and the area is more easily avoided.
    • Even though planes hitting buildings in New York is almost common.

  • The damage to the building was nothing.
    • The concrete was not damaged, not turned into powder.
    • Only near-by windows were destroyed.
  • Consider this you-tube video of a fighter jet smashing into a brick on concrete:
    • The concrete is not damaged
    • Fire only occurs at the location of the plane hit (as opposed to fire at the top of the building and fire at the base of the building).

  • The planes of 9/11 also did very little damage to the building.
    • Little fire
    • Only a few piece of steal were cut.

  • The building did not fall
  • 9/11 building 2 fell after burning for 1 hour
  • 9/11 building 1 fell after burning for 2 hours

  • A full investigation will be conducted, the plane will be rebuilt from it's pieces
  • 9/11 the planes were carried off and possibly sold for scrap metal

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

North Korea: Is it Bush's fault?

North Korea: Is it Bush's fault?
Absolutly "Yes".
North Korea wanted direct talks with the US. As advised from people smarter than he is Bush pushed for 6 party talks instead, under this he was able to make some agreements. (In hind site this might have been a mistake, now that Kim Jong Il has made a stupid decision where is the country to turn to?) Rice is credited for having made a treaty with North Korea. One of North Korea's main concerns was invasion by the US. We promised not to invade. We promised them 92 million dollars. We allowed them to bypass weapon inspections. We would give them light water nuclear reactors (as opposed to the more dangerous ones they were already using). In exchange they would be quiet. (Way to go Rice. What a great deal you landed. Based on your preformance on landing this one-sided deal you should be fired.

Why should America bend over backwards so that we can get nothing in return?) But still the treaty as messed up as it was could at least quiet North Korea. -- That was until Cheney steped up the sanctions after the treaty. This was not part of the agreement. You see Cheney decided that the deal was not good enough so he cut back on everything else in the form of sanctions. The treaty stopped when N. Korea accused us of breaking the treaty and then left the table and stepped up nuclear production. They said they would step up Nuclear production, and they would test a bomb. They did. At least you can believe what North Korea says. North Korea gained 80% of it's nuclear fuel under the Bush administration.

North Korea withdrew from the non-proliferation treaty legally. Politely they asked the inspectors to leave, gave them time to leave. Told us they would make a bomb. Started creating nuclear fuel. The Bush machine said they were bluffing. Ooops Bush is full of shit, they have another (few) bomb(s). BAMB!! Bush's policy failed in an explosion. Bush's response: Sanctions! Kim Jong Il response: Sanctions are an act of war. Bush's response:

North Korea says that they will see sanctions as an act of war. Bush is playing into Kim Jong Il's hands.
So Lets recap

Pre Bush
  • North Korea has some bombs
  • North Korea has some Nuclear fuel
  • North Korea can be reasoned with because they do not have a working bomb
  • North Korea can be reasoned with because they are susceptible to sanctions

Post Bush
  • North Korea has more bombs
  • North Korea has much Nuclear fuel production up 600%
  • North Korea can not be reasoned with because they have a working bomb
  • North Korea can not be threaten with sanctions

Meanwhile Bush has riled up the public against Iran. Iran might have the BOMB!! Iran might have the BOMB!!

It's difficult to refine the nuclear material. Iran doesn't have enough machines to get a pure enough fuel to create a bomb. It's easy to tell what their capabilities are by counting these machines and the quality of these machines.

North Korea on the other hand we knew had it and could make it. They are planning to build small Israel sized bombs that fit in a suitcase. Bush's response? IRAN (maybe) has the BOMB!!

There is another scenario where Bush's national strategy comes under question. Venezuelaa. Right now we are in the position of "We won't accept your cheap oil". Is there no way to have avoided this or to turn this around to a win-win situation. We are actually sitting in the middle of a war and telling another country we won't accept their cheap oil? Consider this statement: “Oh yeah?! Well I won’t take your cheap oil!” Wow good job Bush. You turned a win-win situation into a lose-lose situation. There is a term for that: Miserable Failure

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bush on North Korea, "Create a framework that will be successful"

Bush's failures with North Korea

John Stewart

Yet another failure for the Bush administration

WOO HOOO this is a biggie.

This time failure comes in the form of a nuclear bomb explosion. From an "Evil doer". The "evil doer" is Kim Jong il. The news hasn't told me were th bomb exploded yet so I assume is was in North Korea. That is this time the nuclear explosion was in North Korea.

North Korea has accumulated 80% of its plutonium since Bush took over.
Bush has been quoted by Prince Bandar as saying "Why should I care about North Korea?".

I've wrote this before. Kim Jong Il is like a 3year old.. No lets say. 5. He's like 5 now, he has the bomb he's wearing the big-boy pants (whether they fit or not). A 5 year old in a room full of adults holding a hand gernade in his left hand. He tells the adults he wants to play. The 5 year old understands the power of the toy in his hand and most importantly he understands that when he puts the gernade down his turn to play is over.

Now as a Texan want-to-be yankee moron Bush sees this problem as simple black and white. Tackle the kid take the hand-gernade. Unfortunatly Bush is surronded by people who do not want to die and are not complete morons. They tell Bush they will get the hand gernade and he should worry about pretzel-gate (pretend to be hit in the face by accident in an amuzing way).

This "foriegn policy" has proved it's self in two ways:
  1. It doesn't work well
  2. It leads to big corruption very quickly

The New Republican: Steam Cell

Republicans have flip-flopped on the steam cell decision. Political will is against them so they are now running like dog to the other side.

This is a flip-flop, this is not a sign of leadership. But that is not how they are going to spin it. The spin will be that saying that they will allow this to happen because of new research and ways to "not really use steam cells". These new techonologies allowing "ethical" testing. This is the same technology is the technology that they blocked. This technology is going to help everone except Americans/ Other countries besides the US are already using this technology they were ready for it. We are beind, because we didn't fund what we couldn't understand.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Strategy for Democrats

What the republicans have to tell us is that they are keeping us safe. It is their duty to make the case that
  1. We are in danger
  2. They have been helping us

Both of these statements are untrue. The republicans have had both the House and the Senate, and the Executive and now more than ever the Judical. Their power is unchecked even by the media. Right-wing propaganda has spread all over the world including into America over bills that the right wing wanted to pass. Their protection has been shit. We are in more danger and are closer to falling apart from corruption now more than ever. This is the republican legacy.

Make this message simple for the people. Regan once said “Are you better off now than you were?” No one is better off now. Afganistan women are being burnt alive. Iraqi torture chambers are busier than ever. The air is worse, the economy is worse. Or relations with Pakistan and North Korea are worse. These republicans have fucked up every single thing they have touched. so that’s the position democracts are in. We have been witness to 8 years of success and 8 years of failure. All republicans have to show for it is a few scare tactics (911! 911!).

The ball is in our court, all we have to do is make the case that you republicans. Having gotten everything that you wanted are making the clain that you are making us safe.

Safe from what?

In reality Bush has taken away our rights. If you criticize the Bush machine’s tactics they label you unpatriotic and a threat to national security. This is not what America stands for.

This Vice President Dick Cheney personally took away the rights of a father 2 days before fathers day. The father happened to see Cheney in a very rare circumstance where Cheney was outside allowing the public to greet him. The father stood in line and told the dictator that he did not agree with the approach to the war Iraq. The father left the area but came back later. At this time Cheney instructed his guards to arrest the individual for his spoken word. The fater was dragged off infront of his 8 year old boy. The fathers first thoughts were for his son, you can’t leave an 8 year old at the mall alone! The guards told the father that they would take his son to social services (They threaten him, they told him that they would take his son away from him. Now at the time I am forced to believe that neither side really believed the claim that was made. That is not the point. The vice president of the United States of America allowed this to happen. That is the point.)

The father is suing the guards and hopefully someday the dictator also. It is going to a Civil court so we will have to wait and see what happens.

In my opinion Dick Cheney deserves to rot in hell for a couple of years,, oops did I say Hell. That is not what I meant he should be in Jail. That is what we do to people that behave like him.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New whitehouse spin

The machine has broken down recentally. The right wingers were planning to save this spin for the election but corruption caught up with them so they are pulling it out early.

The new spin is: "Have it both ways"

They might say the Democrats want it both ways freedom and no war.

Actually though this new spin is easily defeated by looking at the facts. Bush didn't fund the war, he didn't research the war, he didn't make an exit stragety.

He wants a cheap war and he wants to win the war. Well Mr. Bush, you can't have it both ways. You can run a war based off of kick backs, and mismanagement and win the war too. You can't lie to the American people and expect them to support you. You can't tell us that we need to have fear while at the same time providing us with no protection.

No, Mr. Bush it is you that can't have it both ways.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Top25 Myths in Bob Woodward's new book

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cover Up: Bush's pre-911 stance on the Bin Laden

Doing a search for w199i. First I try the whitehouse, then I try google.

w199i is a bill Bush signed to stop the FBI from investigating the Bin Ladens. It was classified and buried. The BBC is supoose to have it.