Friday, September 08, 2006

Yet another failure for the Bush administration

Wow, how many title do I have that are exactly the same as this one "Yet another failure for the Bush administration". From run away missles to escaped terrorists, missed warnings. Failure.

This time Bush's declared enemy The Tailban and our declared friend/allie Pakastan have found themselves to be better friends than enemies. Oh and lets not for get Bin Laden he can safely live in Pakastan now. Bush missed the chance to grab him. The Tailban's acceptance isn't just a failure for Bush it's also a failure for the people governed by the Tailiban.

Bush wanted to avenge his father's failures. But instead Bush turned this into a double failure. We will always associate the name Bush with failure, unnecessary war, and class warfare.

Bush you have let America down, as well as every single president who has come before you.


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