Friday, September 29, 2006

Yet another Bush Lie

Yet again the American people have been lied to by our president.

The lie:
  • Bush doesn't know Jack Abramoff.
  • Bush barely knows Jack Abramoff and might have met him at some holiday dinners, staff meetings
  • George Bush, "I don't know him"

The truth:
  • They were on first name basis
  • Jack Abramoff took Rove to basketball games. No word on if Jack off bought him a coke or snacks but he did pay for the ticket and thoroughly kiss Rove's fat ass throughout the game.
  • Jack Abramoff was told just to tell the secertary what he needs and it would be supplied.
  • Jack ass,, (sorry I mean Jackoff) asked the Bush administration for jobs for 20 of his friends.


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