Saturday, September 02, 2006

Satan himself rises from the earth to deliver a message

Right wing nut job and neo con Satan delievers message on his tv station.
Here we see that satan is trying to help bring about another world war by convencing christians that it is safe to hate islam and muslims.

!!Warning watch at your own risk!!
You will see satan himself in human form talking and trying to confuse you. Do not watch this to you do not want to be tempted.

Satan is lying. He says that the word islam means submission. Submission to Islam itself. No Satan you are wrong.

Islam means submission to god.

You lying sack of Schmidt.

Satan then likens the entire religion to two men that commited a crime. It would be like saying all christian are like Mel Gibson. Christians don't all spit on cops when they get arrested and call them filthy jews. Mel Gibson is a far cry from a typical christain. As are 2 nut jobs from the middle east a good symbol of the religion. I guess Satan never took the time to read the Koran or even to meet 1 fucking muslim.

Satan then confuses what mohammed said. Satan would have you believe that mohammed wants to kill the non-believers. Mohammed's statement is much like christian's jesus - the idea is that if you do not submit to god then you are not really alive because you are dead inside.

Satan then goes on to say the the bin lauden character is a true follower of the religion.

It seems that Pat Robertson and Osama bin laden are much more alike than different.

Satan then goes on to say that the koran does not work in a modern society (yeah unlike the king james version of the christian bible) so that the only way you can be peaceful and follow islam is to disregard parts of islam.


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