Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rumfeld: micro-management = failure

News came out that Rumsfeld now only threw out the post war planning in the Iraq war but the Secretary said "he would fire the next person" who cited need for planning.

Here is a list of Rumsfeld's military stagiest experience:

According to his qualifications Rumsfeld should not have been able to change war-time planning.

It's easy for a micro-manager to appear knowledgeable. Just demand to manipulate all the facts. Tell naysayers about countless one-sided details. Eventaully people get tired of hearing you talk.

Even in this picture of Rumsfeld and his buddy Rumsfeld is serving an administrative purpose.

Not only should you be fired. But you should be held for war crimes. And if I were a religious person, and if I believed in a Hell then I might say that you should be sent to Hell as a punishment for the pain and suffereing you gave to the people of the world.

But I am not a religion person, I believe the only purpose for Hell is for living humans to wish other humans there. Hell is a way send hate or fear to other people. It would seem that Rumsfled does not have a fear of Hell in him.


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