Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reality check: Bush lies and just plain stupid things in the news

The Bush machine has cranked out a movie on their lapdog new organization ABC. This movie blames Clinton for 9/11. Lets look at the facts:

Clinton wanted to get guys to jump out of heilocopters and shoot up the training camps in Afganistan. Clinton was told "no" by the military, heilocopters just can't fly that far. Clinton funded and supported the use of drone model airplanes, little planes of death with a great killing capacity via the use of missles.

Meanwhile Bush read My Pet Goat for 45 minutes while we were being attacked. Bush cut funding to the drone airplanes, (and then later started using them - more than clinton (they were still new technology under clinton)) Bush wanted to fund missle defense and got us out of the ABM treaty. Hello Kim Jung Il, Hello North Korea. Remember the missle test above Japan? Bush ignored real military threats and created new ones. That is Bush's legacy. That is how Bush made us less safe.

Bush told a reporter that Jews are 'all going to hell'. Republicans need Jews to bring Jesus back but after that Jews are burining in hell. It's been my experance that as long as we are willing to support Israel and give them their 6 billion a year they are cool with this relationship.

Bush you are going to burn in hell for your actions before any single Jew does for his or her beliefs.

Furthermore Bush said that Islam is a great religion. He said this because he was advised to do so. At this time Bush was lying. He was lying to himself, and in his mind to us the American people. He lied to us about our souls. He did this because he was told to do so. Do you see how this works? Bush sacrificed his own damned religion, lied and all because he was told to do so!

Recentally Bush said: "The problem is we get oil from some parts of the world and they simply don't like us...".

However thoes people do seem to like Bush. Bush and the Saudis get along pretty good. They bought out his failing oil business. The fact is that the people selling us oil love us. It our policies and control of thoes places that have caused these people to realize that we don't give a shit about them we just want their oil. We have continually fucked with these regions, forcing dictatorship instead of democracies, selling them bombs instead of medicanes. They hate us for good reason. Bush is either really stupid about the history of these regions or he is hiding the truth. - That's a tough call.


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