Sunday, September 03, 2006

The race is over Bush versus New Orleans

One year ago we challenged Bush to a race. Bush claimed that he would rebuild the city and that it would be better than before. He started out way behind because of his mis-managed rescue efforts and poor planning. In other words he caused the problem to spiral out of control and did not provide leadership that would have made the challenge less difficult. He then fucked up rerbuilding the levees by allowing the levees to be rebuilt using a cheaper sand mix rather than a stronger clay. During the chaos he gave the survivors atm cards which were used to buy playstations. It's like throwing dry newspaper on a fire and walking a way congradulating yourself on a job well done. The fire will flame up for a second and then return to the previous state.

Before we site the winners and losers of our contest lets find some standards to compare Bush's response with. I'm going to use the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Lots of poor immigrants, a completely destroyed city, the only differences are that: fire instead of water was the cause of the disaster, the technology of 1906 was far less than that of New Orleans a year ago, communication was also far less, the amount of money and resources were less, and San Francisco of 1906 didn't have support offered to it from other countries, New Orleans was offered support from countries with less money than us who also suffered from the hurricane. Bush had many advantages over the 1906 earthquake, yet the devistation of 1906 was largely completed before a years time. The people and the culture remained. San Francicso remained a marvel of a city.

According to James Ward from the Army Core of Engineers:
New Orleans is not ready for another hurricane
Another Katrina type hurricane would wipe out the same areas as before
The levees are not finished and could be breached again
Only 20% of the funding allocated for the rebuild was used (80% of the work is still undone)

According to Sue Sperry Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans
Large parts of New Orleans is still devistated
Mud still exists from the flood in peoples houses - the clean up is not complete
Wrecked homes and neighborhoods bring depression to the communities
The insurance companies have successfully escaped from debts owed to the people
Neighborhoods are deserted
Sue is optimistic that the city will come back but she is worried that the architecture will be lost as well as the culture.

According to CNN crappy news station and lap-dog of the Bush administration
$304 million dollars has been wasted
Mobile Homes were bought that are unused and unsuable (It was Bush's idea to spread out the poor niggers in Moble Homes across the country - that's how the lower class lives in Texas)

The results are in. No winners only losers. The America people have lost New Orleans to corruption, to fear, to hopelessness.

The leaders are responsible. When America needed a strong leader time and time again Bush has proven that he is not the man for the job. Bush didn't let me down I expected miserable failure. I expected him to favor the rich over the community.


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