Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Political Theater


This debate is like a boxing match. Not even a boxing match - like a one sided match. In one corner we have Hollywood Hulk Hogan with one armed tied behind his back (this would be Sean Hannity) in the other corner we have Muhammed Ali in his prime (Wesley Clark).

Hollywood rips off his shirt swings it around his head and throws it into the crowd. Muhammed dances left right Upper-Cut match is over Muhammed wins round one.

Hannity tries to take the republicans-strong on terrorism approach. Clark hands Hannity his ass. Then Hannity fakes with a blame Clinton for Cole attack. Clark hands Hannity his other ass cheek on a silver plate. Hannity interrupts, he didn't understand what Clark said aparently. Clark restates it, correctly assigns blame towards the Bush administration again. Hannity interuppts again, !!Political Theater!! !!Political Theater!! Clark dismisses Hannity's statement brings us back to the facts again. Hannity starts to interrupt again, but nobody is listening. Hannity has lost.


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