Sunday, September 10, 2006

Path to 9/11

What really happened 5 years ago. Do we really know?
  • Who attacked us?
  • Why were we attacked?
  • Why are we hated?
  • Why did these two building collapse?
  • What happened to the Pentagon?
  • What exactly are Bush's ties to Bin Laden and the security of the WTC buildings?

This is what I know:
  • America spent a hell of a lot more money on the investigation of a blow job than of the largest attack against America ever.
  • Bush tried his damnest to avoid the investigation of 9/11.
  • Bush ignored Bin Laden, security memos and advice from the Clinton Administration to be wary of Bin Laden, this includes response to the Cole attacks.
  • Bush focused his attention on worthless Star Wars defense programs.
  • Under Bush North Korea became a bigger threat.
  • Under Bush the Taliban became a bigger threat.
  • Under Bush al-Quadea became stronger, bigger, and more wide-spread.
  • Under Bush Iran gained nuclear capabilities.
  • Under Bush Iraq became a threat to America's security.
  • Under Bush America could not use it's own helicopters to save our citizens because they were elsewhere.
  • A airplane did not hit the Pentagon, the hole in the side of the Pentagon is smaller than the missing airplane Flight 77.
  • There are more cameras around DC than there were in New York yet only 2 frames of 1 video were released.
  • Flight 93's debris was in a radius of 8 miles - a circle. Planes crash in a line, this plane was shot down with a missile, or at a very high altitude.
  • Donald Rumsfeld made a slip of the tongue and said that one of the planes were shot down.
  • The twin towers fell faster than physically possible - even if they were in a vacuum - they didn't undergo structural collapse as it was explained to us.
  • The twin towers are missing millions of pounds of cement - it was vaporised.
  • Jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to vaporise cement nor hot enough to bend steal (1000 degrees too cool, especially if you consider the black smoke.
  • There is a hell of a lot of missing office equipment - it was blowup.
  • I forget the number of the other WTC buildings that collapsed that day, but they collapsed with out the help of a airplane.
  • The debris of these buildings, airplanes, and office equipment was shipped of before an investigation could be preformed, the investigation preformed was not done well or thoroughly nor by an independent source.

At first I was very skeptical of the alternate theories of the events of 9/11. That is until I saw these videos. Now I believe and have no doubt of the following things
  • The CIA, Bush, Jeb Bush, had some fore-knowledge of the events. (Bush was on Anthrax medicine, Jeb was warned not to fly the head of the CIA stood to make a lot of money on stocks due to a impossibly good market prediction)
  • Bush not being in DC at the time and being on camera at the time was planned.
  • The towers did not fall because a plane hit them causing a fire causing steal to melt.
  • Other building were blown up that day.
  • Something perhaps a shoulder-fired missile hit the Pentagon.
  • NORAD was ready for such an event, and at the time was playing a war game that simulated the event.
  • The event was used by the Bush Administration to lead us to war, this war was a way in which George Walker Bush thought he could avenge his daddy {oops made his name synonymous with failure instead}.
  • The Anthrax scare after the attacks were by high ranking American military officials - I suspect that Bush/Rove was behind it.
  • Bush is not a leader, is not equipped to be a leader, has fucked up this country more than any other president ever, he has committed war crimes he is directly responsible for torturing people and burning people alive (look up "whiskey peat").

Objective look at 9/11

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Victim of 9/11 raises controlled demolitions theory

Physics Expert raises question of structural collapse

Rare footage of 2nd plane attack (notice energy of plane explosion mostly escapes building)

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Engineer says buildings were made for multiple impacts of airplanes

Controlled Demolition theroy from MIT engineer - This is probablly the best evidence

Some info on a chemical called "Thermite"

Yet another college professior proposes the controlled demolition theroy

A great documentray on the entire subject
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Concerning the bullshit war and conflicts between the administration and sanity


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