Sunday, September 17, 2006

My very short conversation with Rockey Vaccarella

This really isn't a converstaion, he sent me 1 email before he chickened out of the converstaion. Our relationship now seems to be he ignores me as I insult him. However in fairness he did send me 1 email which was more than I expected.

First some background on this moron:
Rockey Vaccarella is a republican politician. The Bush administration posed him as an angry "Shehan type" and using that facad he was able to buy Bush about 4 days of news-media relief. This "another Cindy Shehan" didn't last long though. The Bush machine convinced the media that "another Cindy Shehan" was coming up to D.C. to camp out on the whitehouse Until Bush met Rockey's demands of having a conversation about Katrina. Bush came right out, Rockey didn't wait even 1 minute.

To the surprise to the sheep watching television (that is everyone except for maybe Rockey, Bush, and the media) Bush came right out to confront Rockey. Rockey then proceeded to kiss Bush's ass. The rest of the converstaion I missed because I turned off the TV. But it was told to me that Rockey said that Bush should run "another 4 years". A statement so far to the right that not even the most right wing of neo-cons would agree with. Rockey was invited into the whitehouse. And later given a key to the city.

Way to go Rockey, what we need is more celebrations and burying our heads in the sand while the Bush administration boils people to death (People really were boiled to death under this administration see Demorcacy Now's new book "Static".)

Rockey view of the world and the solution to disaster is in sharp contrast with reality:
  • Bush lied about the disaster being a predictable event.
  • There was no plan for disaster recovery - Bush outsourced it to IEM the highest republican bidder.
  • Had there been plans the equipment for thoes plans was all in Iraq anyway.
  • The Bush administration was off playing golf and buying new shoes while we died.
  • Armed forces were sent into New Orleans to keep the filthy niggers out of Mississippi, - a crappy Fox news reporter was at the point of tears during the disaster crying "Let them walk the hell out of here, let them walk over this bridge"
  • People laid dead in the streets for weeks.
  • Bush was more conserned for Trent Lott's house than of the dead and dying black people (do a google search for "bush katrina house" and see what comes up).
  • A popular black comedian was moved to state on live television that "George Bush doesn't like black people" (I disagree, Bush hates the poor whites almost the same amount).
  • Free money was dumped on the victims, this money went towards chaos and playstations.
  • Bush's wife, didn't know the name or could not even pronounce the name of the level 5 hurricane.
  • The culture of New Orleans is at risk of being lost.
  • A year later New Orleans is in worse condition than before. Another hurricane would further devistate the region as the levees were rebuilt with a substandard sand - clay mix.
  • Thousands of unused and unusable mobile homes were dumped upon the people.
  • These people are now told to be gone, the governement considers the matter closed.
  • Bush's mom considers these people to be in better condition that they were.

There is no way in hell a sane person can look at these facts and state that Bush is a great leader or that 4 more years of Bush is a solution to the problems we are facing. I do not believe Rockey Vac to be insane. I think he is closed minded, he has both fingers in his hears and he is singing to himself as loud as he can.

Anyway given all of this I sent Rockey Vac a message:

To Rockey Vaccarella:
Bush outsourced the emergency planning of New Orleans to the highest republican bidder. The company that got the bid was IEM Innovative Emergency Management.

Their half million dollar plan has since went missing. Missing in action as well.

Lets look at Bush's record:
Less than half of the citys pre-storm population of 460, 000 has returned, putting the population at roughly what it was in 1880.
Nearly a third of the trash has yet to be picked up.
Sixty percent of homes still lack electricity.
Seventeen percent of the buses are operational.
Half of the physicians have left, and there is a shortage of 1, 000 nurses.
Six of the nine hospitals remain closed.
Sixty-six percent of public schools have reopened.
A 40 percent hike in rental rates, disproportionately affecting black and low-income families.
A 300 percent increase in the suicide rate.
Eighty-four percent of New Orleans residents rate the governments recovery efforts negatively, while 66 percent believe the recovery money has been mostly wasted.
A disproportionate number of Black people have been affected, could not return. While the whiter richer areas are starting to come back.
In the face of all of this how can you honestly say that what America needs in another 4 years of Bush. What is your definition of failure?


One more thing
Compare this disaster to the 1906 Earthquake of San Francisco.
1906 less communication, no heilocopter, no bulldozers yet the entire city was restored in 1 year. The culture of the city remained afterward.

What does New Orleans have a year later? Lessor levees (made of a cheap sand/clay mix) Less homes, less families, less hope. That is what the Bush Administration has brought us less hope. while you were off on vacation and were allowed to stay in the whitehouse and given a key to the city. Generations of families who have lived and died in New Orleans are now spread across the country homeless and hopeless.

Rockey did not respond for a while. I had always expected to be ignored. I offically called Rockey Vaccarella "a pussy".
To Rockey Vaccarella:
I'm going public with your no response response. Scared of the facts? Scared to debate? Bush can be summed up in 2 words miserable failure. You can be summed up as lap dog.

After this email I posted the blog offically calling Rockey Vaccarella a pussy.

I feel bad for calling him a pussy, later he did confront me. He was not scared to respond to me - at first. I mean only a moron would enter on the losing side of a one-sided debate like this. But for a while at least he was man enough to confront me:

From Rockey Vaccarella:
No, I'm not scared - just on a mission to let people know that the job is not done. While you are throwing stones we are getting things done. God bless.

I responded to Rockey Vaccarella's message. With this:

To Rockey Vaccarella:
Subject: Challenge

Before we can fix anything we need to know what is broken. You don't just fix a house - you inspect it first.
What is broken is the leadership. And the Bush administration is a big part of that.

You are causing much much more pain by telling people that everything is great and what we need to do right now is follow the leader. What we really need to do is to remove the leadership and replace it with something else. You are hurting the American people.

I challenge you to watch this video and come back to me with a response. And that we make this full debate public.

I appreciate that you responded to my message and I would like to take back the insult I threw at you as long as you are willing to face facts.

Unfortunatly Rockey Vaccarella did not respond. I believe him to be ignoring me or at least to have reported me to Bush's fighting christian morality police (also known as Homeland Security).

On a side note, I do respect another individual's right to have different opinions than me, and with that I think debate is a healthy way to find a common ground and a way to improve America. However I will not respect someone trying to tell me a complete lie, or facts that are really based on opinion instead of facts.

The opinion that Bush solution to anything but failure is a lie.


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