Friday, September 08, 2006

Kathrine Harris anti-democracy horrid bitch

A little while ago I sent Kathrine Harris an email, she never responded. I think I know why. In the email I inadverntly called her a "horrid bitch". You see I had meant to call Kathrine Harris the woman who fucked up the 2000 election for America a bitch. I was trying to explain to Kathrine Harris the would-be senator that people confuse her name with the horrid bitch of 2000. You see I believe that if the horrid bitch of 2000 were to dare run for congress it would be a terrible insult to America and democracy. You can't shit upon our voting system and then try to use it. It turns out these two people are the same person. The horrid bitch Kathrine Harris the of 2000 election is the same horrid bitch that is running for senator.

Harris had almost spent herself out of the race (she's pay $6.00 for every buck of the next democrat), but un/fortunatly her father died and left her $10 million dollars, which should just about buy her a seat in the senate. If Bush can buy the presidency then the Senate must be cheaper.

I feel it's ok to call Kathrine Harris a horrid bitch because of the insult she is putting on America, the fact that she has made herself a public figure and the fact that I can prove it. Her own cabnet would agree with me. Speach writers, campaign managers, etc.. all say she gets upset over small things. Scandles, bribes, lies.. She even killed a small defenseless animal for campaign money - a possum.

Notice in this video she keeps trying to not blame the liberals but just can't. a few moments of an incomfortable interview and she shows her true colors.

She also lies, or at least is out of touch with reality: "You can make polls say what ever you want". No actually you can't there is years of science and math put into statistics. All you can do is accuse the pollisters of lying. Today in the news we see that the Bush administration has done just that - hired lying pollisters to tell them results they wanted to hear.

(Sorry if I spelled "Kathrine Harris" wrong I don't give enough of a shit about you (the person) to do the 2 second google look up it would take.)


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