Sunday, September 10, 2006

Goddamn MSNBC

It is impossible for me to be let down from MSNBC. I expect to be lied to, I expect them to frame the issues as Bush as told them. Here is an example of exactly that.

MSNBC hosts a debate between a republican and democrat, on the screen there is the text Bill Clinton vs. ABC. Whoa there,, it should say Reality vs. ABC, or The Facts vs. ABC or The 9/11 commission vs. ABC.

The host asks the democrat what is wrong with the movie, they only filled in converstations but the rest of the movie was factual, the democrat corrects the host: they used examples of things that didn't happen. The republican makes another statement, the conversatation were wrong but the events happened in the way presented, The democrats says the events are wrong, you should know that pick up a newspaper once in a while. The republican chimes in "Yeah like we can trust the newspaper!". The democrat says "geez". This goes back and forth for a while. The republican starts to talk, the democrat says "I'm going to finish..." Interuppted again by the host "No you are going to listen!" The republican says what is wrong with letting the people watch the movie and decide for themselves.

What is wrong with lying to the public?

MSNBC breaks this video for LIVE BREAKING NEWS!! A 5 year old video was released showing Bin Laden... yeah I saw this video like 3 days ago, and I knew about it longer than that. The hosts announces that the video came out just as the President was heading to ground Zero.

So lets see what MSNBC is telling us:
  • Clinton vs. ABC
  • Just because all the facts are wrong doesn't mean that it isn't still valid
  • Bush versus Bin Laden

All of these frames are wrong. It's all Bullshit.

When I sat down at my computer to write this I wasn't going to write about that. I was going to write about something else MSBNS said, I didn't turn off the TV fast enough. Before this the host of MSNBC showed a poll 74% of the people think that Bin Laden is planning another attack. - This is bullshit they posed a question in such a way that 3/4th of the people will say "yes" then they have a "discussion about it. If they had asked the question like this: "What do you think Bin Laden is doing right now" - then there 74% poll would have dropped to 10% and no story.

Then they ask some expert "Do you think there are groups in Pakistan right now looking for Bin Laden?"

When I first heard this I thought I must have been watching a re-run from 2001. No this was current. Then I thought Shit, do these people watch the news? Do they have any clue as to what is going on in the world at all. Days ago in my blog I wrote that the president of Pakistan is allowing Bin Laden to return without fear of being arrested, also that the Taliban is allowed to return.

The expert said exactly this, he said it as if the host was stupid.


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