Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bush plays his last card - The race card

For full effect play "We are the champions" by Queen while reading this blog entry

That's it, that was the last possible trick up the sleave of this administration.
The Bush machine has played the race card, they have nothing left. The are naked and running.

Here it is......

Rice: Leaving Iraq is like endorsing slavery

Lets check the facts:
50% of Iraqi's approve on attacks against American forces
90% of Iraqi-Sunnis approve on attacks against American forces
80% of Iraqi's do not believe American when we state that we will not leave bases in Iraq once we leave
70% of Iraqi's support a timetable that defines the date that the U.S. troops will leave Iraq
66% of Iraqi's believe their security will increase when America leaves Iraq
66% of Iraqi's believe their services (water, electricty) will improve when America leaves Iraq
(poll conducted in 2006 by the university of Maryland)

The facts are in Condi, looks like your full of shit.

You really should have played the race card later in the game, you should have waited for the impeachment, or the trial, or the sentencing. Your out your done.


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