Saturday, September 16, 2006

Barbra Bush


week after Katrina:
Live on the radio show Market Place Barbra Bush tells us how she feels about poor black niggers.

"What I'm hearing which is sort of scary is they want to stay in texas, everybody is so overwhelmed by.. the hospitalty and so many the people in the areas here were you know were under privledged anyway,, this this is working ver[ -laugh- ]y well for them"

Aparently Bush's mom thinks that all the living survivors had it pretty well. The masses of starving people had a only few bread crumbs to fight over and yet she says that was enough. The masses of people had only a small corner to shit in and she says that that was enough. The masses of people had only a little water to share and she says that was enough.

If it were my mom, I'd be ashmed.

Barbra Bush feels this way, because she knows white trash. She grew up as white trash, and by some definitions of the term she will die white trash. She believes that poor people live in trailers, and black people rummage though the streets to steal food. So when she sees a large group of promidantly black people with a place to sleep and some food to eat she thinks they are doing well. When she sees them with a single wide trailer that sleeps 5 she thinks they are moving up in the community because now they can live in the trailer parks.

What really fries my ass is that after this Wicked-Witch-of-the-South said these horrible things about people an another white republican moron Rockey Vacellera actually drives to D.C. to thank Bush. He thinks that Bush has done a good job and deserves credit.

Want to know what I think?
I think Bush and his family deserve to live in a FEMA trailer too.
I think Donald Rumsfled deserves a single one-time-use gas mask, 50 pounds of equipment, a sub-standard bullet-proof vest and a long walk though an Iraqi desert.
I think Condi Rice deserves the shoes she bought, shoved right up her ass.
And I think Cheney deserves the oil he stole. I think he should be forced to drink it.


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