Friday, September 29, 2006

Yet another Bush Lie

Yet again the American people have been lied to by our president.

The lie:
  • Bush doesn't know Jack Abramoff.
  • Bush barely knows Jack Abramoff and might have met him at some holiday dinners, staff meetings
  • George Bush, "I don't know him"

The truth:
  • They were on first name basis
  • Jack Abramoff took Rove to basketball games. No word on if Jack off bought him a coke or snacks but he did pay for the ticket and thoroughly kiss Rove's fat ass throughout the game.
  • Jack Abramoff was told just to tell the secertary what he needs and it would be supplied.
  • Jack ass,, (sorry I mean Jackoff) asked the Bush administration for jobs for 20 of his friends.

Still think the election wasn't rigged?

Do a search for "diebold 0808 patch" read the news sites that come up.

Diebold illegally rigged their own machines with several last - minute changes.

It will only take 1 person that had access to the ftp site to expose the patch for what they are. Someone out there has a copy of this patch. The election was rigged.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tell it like it is

Paul Bremer National Commission on Terrorism
Feb. 26, 2001
"What they will do is stagger along until there's a major incident and then suddenly say, 'Oh, My God, Should't we be organized to deal with this?'"

It seems to me Bush wanted an attack to happen, this way a counter attack could be conducted.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tell it like it is

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bush endangers us again to cover ass

Bush is declassifying some secret documents that make him look competent.

Why not? He has already exposed our CIA officer Varie Plame out of vengeance. Why not screw the CIA if it makes him look better.

This is why this is an outrage. Bush is going to cherry pick what is declassified. And the only thing it is going to prove is that someone recommended him to approve an action. He approved it and it had the intended effect.

It’s not like it was Bush’s idea in the first place. That kind of dynamic thinking was only done by the previous administration.

Lying fucking Bitch

I actually wrote the headline before I heard what spin Rice has to regurgitate. I'm watching CNN wating for her to come on.

Rice did tell us some big lies in the past. She said the famous PDB didn't contain new information or information about a domestic attack. She said this because it was classified at the time and no one could call her on it. Well I call Rice, you were under oath. You deserve to be in jail for your lies. "Osama Bin Laden determined to attack inside the US". Present tense, in the US. Lair!

Rice told us "We do not torture". Lair! I've seen the pictures. You boiled people alive!!

CNN went to commerical, CNN mentioned that Rice will say that Clinton didn't give her info on Bin Laden, so it is Clinton's fault. But I have read Richard Clark's book. I know that Clinton told Bush personally that he had to keep an eye on Bush. Personally to his face, told him the importance of this nut job. Also Clinton fired 62 missles into Afganistan. That is 62 more missles than Bush fired. I also know that Clinton had the idea of men jumping out of heilocopters with machine guns and shooting up the training camps. So I already know that Rice is going to lie. The only spin the Bush machine could make without a direct lie is to say Clinton was so determined to kill Bin Laden that it pissed off that Bin Laden decided to get revenge-- and yet even that spin falls apart - why the WTC?

Rumsfled is a complete failure, this administration has led us to more terrorism, more instability, and death. All due to Iraq a complete distract from Bin Laden. Translators have been pulled out of Afganistan to go to Iraq. The Bush machine has spent 7 times more resources on Iraq than on keeping us safe.

So what can Rice possibly say to spin this in to good news?
(Tired of waiting for CNN, and hating them anyway I do a search for her spin

"What we did in the eight months was at least as aggressive as what the Clinton administration did...". "The notion somehow for eight months the Bush administration sat there and didn't do that is just flatly false - and I think the 9/11 commission understood that"

Bullshit lie. Michael Moore once called Bush's plan Operation Ignore. That sounds like less than Clinton. Also you fired 0 missles, 62 less. Also you had 0 meetings with the CIA.

"We were not left a comprehensive strategy to fight al-Qaida,"
I don't believe you. You've lied to many times before. And Richard Clark a person your administration demoted also gives an alternate story.

"I think this is not a very fruitful discussion"
Then why did you bring it up? Clinton was the first to make this statement.

Lets consult the 9/11 commission report.
Page 197 (paperback edition- Chapter "Threat To Threat, Sec. 6.3 Attack on the Uss Cole"):
"As the Clinton administration drew to a close, Clarke and his staff developed a policy paper of their own, the first such comprehensive effort since the Delenda plan of 1998. The resulting paper, entitled "Strategy for Eliminating the Threat from the Jihadist Networks of al Qida: Status and Prospects" reviewed the threat and record to date, incorporated the CIA's new ideas from the Blue Sky memo, and posed several near-term policy options".

page 201
"Within the first few days after Bush's inauguration, Clarke approached Rice in an effort to get her- and the new President- to give terrorism very high priority and to act on the agenda that he had pushed during during the last few months of the previous administration. After Rice requested that all senior staff identify desirable major policy reviews or initiatives, Clarke submitted an elaborate memorandum on January 25, 2001. He attached his 1998 Dlenda Plan and the December 2000 strategy paper. "We urgently need... a Principals level review on the al Qida network", Clarke wrote."


Monday, September 25, 2006

Yet another 3 failures for the Bush administration

Bush has failed once again.

First in his interview with Bill Clinton. The Bush machine put Chris Wallace up to the challenge of pointing out to Clinton that Clinton was to blame for 9/11. They made a few mistakes though:
  • They said it to Clinton's face
  • It wasn't true
  • They didn't have a lick of evidance to point at

Clinton handed Wallace his ass. Mean while the blogs are pointing out that:
  • Wallace failed to ask Rice About Infamous PDB (Bin Laden determined to attack inside the United States)
  • Wallace had never failed to kiss a Bush Admins's ass nor Asked A Bush Administration Official About The USS Cole
  • Chris Wallace Never Asked A Bush Administration Official Why They Demoted Richard Clarke

Wallace isn't a reporter to keep America safe or informed he is there to tote the right-wing agenda.

Bush's next failure comes in numbers. Bush has killed more American's in his war of oil and revenge than the terrorists have on 9/11.

Bush's next failure comes straight from our own intelligence:

American intelligence agencies has found that the American invasion and occupation of Iraq has helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism and that the overall terrorist threat has grown since the Sept. 11 attacks. The classified National Intelligence Estimate attributes the Iraq war.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Piece of Schmidt lies again

Jean Lying sack of Schmidt has told us another lie. She didn't know what to write about her political opinion so she copied off of Congresswoman Deborah Pryce.

This isn't the first time, she lied about winning a foot-race and about endorsements given to her from several politicians and interest groups.

This psycho has absolutely nothing original to say. She can only regurgitate right wing garbage.

Jean your full of yourself.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My very short conversation with Rockey Vaccarella

This really isn't a converstaion, he sent me 1 email before he chickened out of the converstaion. Our relationship now seems to be he ignores me as I insult him. However in fairness he did send me 1 email which was more than I expected.

First some background on this moron:
Rockey Vaccarella is a republican politician. The Bush administration posed him as an angry "Shehan type" and using that facad he was able to buy Bush about 4 days of news-media relief. This "another Cindy Shehan" didn't last long though. The Bush machine convinced the media that "another Cindy Shehan" was coming up to D.C. to camp out on the whitehouse Until Bush met Rockey's demands of having a conversation about Katrina. Bush came right out, Rockey didn't wait even 1 minute.

To the surprise to the sheep watching television (that is everyone except for maybe Rockey, Bush, and the media) Bush came right out to confront Rockey. Rockey then proceeded to kiss Bush's ass. The rest of the converstaion I missed because I turned off the TV. But it was told to me that Rockey said that Bush should run "another 4 years". A statement so far to the right that not even the most right wing of neo-cons would agree with. Rockey was invited into the whitehouse. And later given a key to the city.

Way to go Rockey, what we need is more celebrations and burying our heads in the sand while the Bush administration boils people to death (People really were boiled to death under this administration see Demorcacy Now's new book "Static".)

Rockey view of the world and the solution to disaster is in sharp contrast with reality:
  • Bush lied about the disaster being a predictable event.
  • There was no plan for disaster recovery - Bush outsourced it to IEM the highest republican bidder.
  • Had there been plans the equipment for thoes plans was all in Iraq anyway.
  • The Bush administration was off playing golf and buying new shoes while we died.
  • Armed forces were sent into New Orleans to keep the filthy niggers out of Mississippi, - a crappy Fox news reporter was at the point of tears during the disaster crying "Let them walk the hell out of here, let them walk over this bridge"
  • People laid dead in the streets for weeks.
  • Bush was more conserned for Trent Lott's house than of the dead and dying black people (do a google search for "bush katrina house" and see what comes up).
  • A popular black comedian was moved to state on live television that "George Bush doesn't like black people" (I disagree, Bush hates the poor whites almost the same amount).
  • Free money was dumped on the victims, this money went towards chaos and playstations.
  • Bush's wife, didn't know the name or could not even pronounce the name of the level 5 hurricane.
  • The culture of New Orleans is at risk of being lost.
  • A year later New Orleans is in worse condition than before. Another hurricane would further devistate the region as the levees were rebuilt with a substandard sand - clay mix.
  • Thousands of unused and unusable mobile homes were dumped upon the people.
  • These people are now told to be gone, the governement considers the matter closed.
  • Bush's mom considers these people to be in better condition that they were.

There is no way in hell a sane person can look at these facts and state that Bush is a great leader or that 4 more years of Bush is a solution to the problems we are facing. I do not believe Rockey Vac to be insane. I think he is closed minded, he has both fingers in his hears and he is singing to himself as loud as he can.

Anyway given all of this I sent Rockey Vac a message:

To Rockey Vaccarella:
Bush outsourced the emergency planning of New Orleans to the highest republican bidder. The company that got the bid was IEM Innovative Emergency Management.

Their half million dollar plan has since went missing. Missing in action as well.

Lets look at Bush's record:
Less than half of the citys pre-storm population of 460, 000 has returned, putting the population at roughly what it was in 1880.
Nearly a third of the trash has yet to be picked up.
Sixty percent of homes still lack electricity.
Seventeen percent of the buses are operational.
Half of the physicians have left, and there is a shortage of 1, 000 nurses.
Six of the nine hospitals remain closed.
Sixty-six percent of public schools have reopened.
A 40 percent hike in rental rates, disproportionately affecting black and low-income families.
A 300 percent increase in the suicide rate.
Eighty-four percent of New Orleans residents rate the governments recovery efforts negatively, while 66 percent believe the recovery money has been mostly wasted.
A disproportionate number of Black people have been affected, could not return. While the whiter richer areas are starting to come back.
In the face of all of this how can you honestly say that what America needs in another 4 years of Bush. What is your definition of failure?


One more thing
Compare this disaster to the 1906 Earthquake of San Francisco.
1906 less communication, no heilocopter, no bulldozers yet the entire city was restored in 1 year. The culture of the city remained afterward.

What does New Orleans have a year later? Lessor levees (made of a cheap sand/clay mix) Less homes, less families, less hope. That is what the Bush Administration has brought us less hope. while you were off on vacation and were allowed to stay in the whitehouse and given a key to the city. Generations of families who have lived and died in New Orleans are now spread across the country homeless and hopeless.

Rockey did not respond for a while. I had always expected to be ignored. I offically called Rockey Vaccarella "a pussy".
To Rockey Vaccarella:
I'm going public with your no response response. Scared of the facts? Scared to debate? Bush can be summed up in 2 words miserable failure. You can be summed up as lap dog.

After this email I posted the blog offically calling Rockey Vaccarella a pussy.

I feel bad for calling him a pussy, later he did confront me. He was not scared to respond to me - at first. I mean only a moron would enter on the losing side of a one-sided debate like this. But for a while at least he was man enough to confront me:

From Rockey Vaccarella:
No, I'm not scared - just on a mission to let people know that the job is not done. While you are throwing stones we are getting things done. God bless.

I responded to Rockey Vaccarella's message. With this:

To Rockey Vaccarella:
Subject: Challenge

Before we can fix anything we need to know what is broken. You don't just fix a house - you inspect it first.
What is broken is the leadership. And the Bush administration is a big part of that.

You are causing much much more pain by telling people that everything is great and what we need to do right now is follow the leader. What we really need to do is to remove the leadership and replace it with something else. You are hurting the American people.

I challenge you to watch this video and come back to me with a response. And that we make this full debate public.

I appreciate that you responded to my message and I would like to take back the insult I threw at you as long as you are willing to face facts.

Unfortunatly Rockey Vaccarella did not respond. I believe him to be ignoring me or at least to have reported me to Bush's fighting christian morality police (also known as Homeland Security).

On a side note, I do respect another individual's right to have different opinions than me, and with that I think debate is a healthy way to find a common ground and a way to improve America. However I will not respect someone trying to tell me a complete lie, or facts that are really based on opinion instead of facts.

The opinion that Bush solution to anything but failure is a lie.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bush covering ass

Bush has put ass covering mode into high gear. Republican's are against him, his own administration is against him.

Bush's illegal torturing is catching up with him. The Red Cross is just days away from declaring George W. Bush a war criminal. Bush's last ditch effort is to reinterpret the law. And then pretend that that law was the law he has been following for the last 5 years.

You're going to jail Bush.

Barbra Bush


week after Katrina:
Live on the radio show Market Place Barbra Bush tells us how she feels about poor black niggers.

"What I'm hearing which is sort of scary is they want to stay in texas, everybody is so overwhelmed by.. the hospitalty and so many the people in the areas here were you know were under privledged anyway,, this this is working ver[ -laugh- ]y well for them"

Aparently Bush's mom thinks that all the living survivors had it pretty well. The masses of starving people had a only few bread crumbs to fight over and yet she says that was enough. The masses of people had only a small corner to shit in and she says that that was enough. The masses of people had only a little water to share and she says that was enough.

If it were my mom, I'd be ashmed.

Barbra Bush feels this way, because she knows white trash. She grew up as white trash, and by some definitions of the term she will die white trash. She believes that poor people live in trailers, and black people rummage though the streets to steal food. So when she sees a large group of promidantly black people with a place to sleep and some food to eat she thinks they are doing well. When she sees them with a single wide trailer that sleeps 5 she thinks they are moving up in the community because now they can live in the trailer parks.

What really fries my ass is that after this Wicked-Witch-of-the-South said these horrible things about people an another white republican moron Rockey Vacellera actually drives to D.C. to thank Bush. He thinks that Bush has done a good job and deserves credit.

Want to know what I think?
I think Bush and his family deserve to live in a FEMA trailer too.
I think Donald Rumsfled deserves a single one-time-use gas mask, 50 pounds of equipment, a sub-standard bullet-proof vest and a long walk though an Iraqi desert.
I think Condi Rice deserves the shoes she bought, shoved right up her ass.
And I think Cheney deserves the oil he stole. I think he should be forced to drink it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bush strong on defense?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How dare you Mr. President

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Goddamn MSNBC

It is impossible for me to be let down from MSNBC. I expect to be lied to, I expect them to frame the issues as Bush as told them. Here is an example of exactly that.

MSNBC hosts a debate between a republican and democrat, on the screen there is the text Bill Clinton vs. ABC. Whoa there,, it should say Reality vs. ABC, or The Facts vs. ABC or The 9/11 commission vs. ABC.

The host asks the democrat what is wrong with the movie, they only filled in converstations but the rest of the movie was factual, the democrat corrects the host: they used examples of things that didn't happen. The republican makes another statement, the conversatation were wrong but the events happened in the way presented, The democrats says the events are wrong, you should know that pick up a newspaper once in a while. The republican chimes in "Yeah like we can trust the newspaper!". The democrat says "geez". This goes back and forth for a while. The republican starts to talk, the democrat says "I'm going to finish..." Interuppted again by the host "No you are going to listen!" The republican says what is wrong with letting the people watch the movie and decide for themselves.

What is wrong with lying to the public?

MSNBC breaks this video for LIVE BREAKING NEWS!! A 5 year old video was released showing Bin Laden... yeah I saw this video like 3 days ago, and I knew about it longer than that. The hosts announces that the video came out just as the President was heading to ground Zero.

So lets see what MSNBC is telling us:
  • Clinton vs. ABC
  • Just because all the facts are wrong doesn't mean that it isn't still valid
  • Bush versus Bin Laden

All of these frames are wrong. It's all Bullshit.

When I sat down at my computer to write this I wasn't going to write about that. I was going to write about something else MSBNS said, I didn't turn off the TV fast enough. Before this the host of MSNBC showed a poll 74% of the people think that Bin Laden is planning another attack. - This is bullshit they posed a question in such a way that 3/4th of the people will say "yes" then they have a "discussion about it. If they had asked the question like this: "What do you think Bin Laden is doing right now" - then there 74% poll would have dropped to 10% and no story.

Then they ask some expert "Do you think there are groups in Pakistan right now looking for Bin Laden?"

When I first heard this I thought I must have been watching a re-run from 2001. No this was current. Then I thought Shit, do these people watch the news? Do they have any clue as to what is going on in the world at all. Days ago in my blog I wrote that the president of Pakistan is allowing Bin Laden to return without fear of being arrested, also that the Taliban is allowed to return.

The expert said exactly this, he said it as if the host was stupid.

Path to 9/11

What really happened 5 years ago. Do we really know?
  • Who attacked us?
  • Why were we attacked?
  • Why are we hated?
  • Why did these two building collapse?
  • What happened to the Pentagon?
  • What exactly are Bush's ties to Bin Laden and the security of the WTC buildings?

This is what I know:
  • America spent a hell of a lot more money on the investigation of a blow job than of the largest attack against America ever.
  • Bush tried his damnest to avoid the investigation of 9/11.
  • Bush ignored Bin Laden, security memos and advice from the Clinton Administration to be wary of Bin Laden, this includes response to the Cole attacks.
  • Bush focused his attention on worthless Star Wars defense programs.
  • Under Bush North Korea became a bigger threat.
  • Under Bush the Taliban became a bigger threat.
  • Under Bush al-Quadea became stronger, bigger, and more wide-spread.
  • Under Bush Iran gained nuclear capabilities.
  • Under Bush Iraq became a threat to America's security.
  • Under Bush America could not use it's own helicopters to save our citizens because they were elsewhere.
  • A airplane did not hit the Pentagon, the hole in the side of the Pentagon is smaller than the missing airplane Flight 77.
  • There are more cameras around DC than there were in New York yet only 2 frames of 1 video were released.
  • Flight 93's debris was in a radius of 8 miles - a circle. Planes crash in a line, this plane was shot down with a missile, or at a very high altitude.
  • Donald Rumsfeld made a slip of the tongue and said that one of the planes were shot down.
  • The twin towers fell faster than physically possible - even if they were in a vacuum - they didn't undergo structural collapse as it was explained to us.
  • The twin towers are missing millions of pounds of cement - it was vaporised.
  • Jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to vaporise cement nor hot enough to bend steal (1000 degrees too cool, especially if you consider the black smoke.
  • There is a hell of a lot of missing office equipment - it was blowup.
  • I forget the number of the other WTC buildings that collapsed that day, but they collapsed with out the help of a airplane.
  • The debris of these buildings, airplanes, and office equipment was shipped of before an investigation could be preformed, the investigation preformed was not done well or thoroughly nor by an independent source.

At first I was very skeptical of the alternate theories of the events of 9/11. That is until I saw these videos. Now I believe and have no doubt of the following things
  • The CIA, Bush, Jeb Bush, had some fore-knowledge of the events. (Bush was on Anthrax medicine, Jeb was warned not to fly the head of the CIA stood to make a lot of money on stocks due to a impossibly good market prediction)
  • Bush not being in DC at the time and being on camera at the time was planned.
  • The towers did not fall because a plane hit them causing a fire causing steal to melt.
  • Other building were blown up that day.
  • Something perhaps a shoulder-fired missile hit the Pentagon.
  • NORAD was ready for such an event, and at the time was playing a war game that simulated the event.
  • The event was used by the Bush Administration to lead us to war, this war was a way in which George Walker Bush thought he could avenge his daddy {oops made his name synonymous with failure instead}.
  • The Anthrax scare after the attacks were by high ranking American military officials - I suspect that Bush/Rove was behind it.
  • Bush is not a leader, is not equipped to be a leader, has fucked up this country more than any other president ever, he has committed war crimes he is directly responsible for torturing people and burning people alive (look up "whiskey peat").

Objective look at 9/11

Military photo recognition expert examines the Pentagon

Michael Moore raises questions about inconsistencies

Victim of 9/11 raises controlled demolitions theory

Physics Expert raises question of structural collapse

Rare footage of 2nd plane attack (notice energy of plane explosion mostly escapes building)

Witnesses claims to hear a series of explosions during collapse

Engineer says buildings were made for multiple impacts of airplanes

Controlled Demolition theroy from MIT engineer - This is probablly the best evidence

Some info on a chemical called "Thermite"

Yet another college professior proposes the controlled demolition theroy

A great documentray on the entire subject
Part 1
Part 2

Concerning the bullshit war and conflicts between the administration and sanity

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rumfeld: micro-management = failure

News came out that Rumsfeld now only threw out the post war planning in the Iraq war but the Secretary said "he would fire the next person" who cited need for planning.

Here is a list of Rumsfeld's military stagiest experience:

According to his qualifications Rumsfeld should not have been able to change war-time planning.

It's easy for a micro-manager to appear knowledgeable. Just demand to manipulate all the facts. Tell naysayers about countless one-sided details. Eventaully people get tired of hearing you talk.

Even in this picture of Rumsfeld and his buddy Rumsfeld is serving an administrative purpose.

Not only should you be fired. But you should be held for war crimes. And if I were a religious person, and if I believed in a Hell then I might say that you should be sent to Hell as a punishment for the pain and suffereing you gave to the people of the world.

But I am not a religion person, I believe the only purpose for Hell is for living humans to wish other humans there. Hell is a way send hate or fear to other people. It would seem that Rumsfled does not have a fear of Hell in him.

9/11 Cover Up

Tomorrow for the anniversary I'm going to post about the truth behind 9/11 - what really happened.

Today I just want to point out that the 9/11 investigation cost $40,000 1,500 times less that the Clinton sex scandle investigation of $60,000,000.

1,500 times less

Money well spent?
We know where the sperm is, but do we know how the buildings fell down? Do we know how the pentagon was attacked? Do we even know why we were attacked?

Bush says - They hate our freedom, yet Bush has shown us that he hates our freedom far more than anyone else possibly could.

Do we even know who "they" are?

New low for CNN

CNN is just unable to get the same viewer ratings that they got September 11 2001. So thoes bastards have found a way to recap on their success - Re-runs.

Thoughes bastards are actually going to reply the original footage on the anniversary. I'm sure all the other Bush networks are going to follow as well.

We can look forward to anther 400 planes hitting the same two buildings over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over ...

I'm sick of it.

Way to go CNN.

Asshole Administration

Friday, September 08, 2006


Kathrine Harris anti-democracy horrid bitch

A little while ago I sent Kathrine Harris an email, she never responded. I think I know why. In the email I inadverntly called her a "horrid bitch". You see I had meant to call Kathrine Harris the woman who fucked up the 2000 election for America a bitch. I was trying to explain to Kathrine Harris the would-be senator that people confuse her name with the horrid bitch of 2000. You see I believe that if the horrid bitch of 2000 were to dare run for congress it would be a terrible insult to America and democracy. You can't shit upon our voting system and then try to use it. It turns out these two people are the same person. The horrid bitch Kathrine Harris the of 2000 election is the same horrid bitch that is running for senator.

Harris had almost spent herself out of the race (she's pay $6.00 for every buck of the next democrat), but un/fortunatly her father died and left her $10 million dollars, which should just about buy her a seat in the senate. If Bush can buy the presidency then the Senate must be cheaper.

I feel it's ok to call Kathrine Harris a horrid bitch because of the insult she is putting on America, the fact that she has made herself a public figure and the fact that I can prove it. Her own cabnet would agree with me. Speach writers, campaign managers, etc.. all say she gets upset over small things. Scandles, bribes, lies.. She even killed a small defenseless animal for campaign money - a possum.

Notice in this video she keeps trying to not blame the liberals but just can't. a few moments of an incomfortable interview and she shows her true colors.

She also lies, or at least is out of touch with reality: "You can make polls say what ever you want". No actually you can't there is years of science and math put into statistics. All you can do is accuse the pollisters of lying. Today in the news we see that the Bush administration has done just that - hired lying pollisters to tell them results they wanted to hear.

(Sorry if I spelled "Kathrine Harris" wrong I don't give enough of a shit about you (the person) to do the 2 second google look up it would take.)

Yet another failure for the Bush administration

Wow, how many title do I have that are exactly the same as this one "Yet another failure for the Bush administration". From run away missles to escaped terrorists, missed warnings. Failure.

This time Bush's declared enemy The Tailban and our declared friend/allie Pakastan have found themselves to be better friends than enemies. Oh and lets not for get Bin Laden he can safely live in Pakastan now. Bush missed the chance to grab him. The Tailban's acceptance isn't just a failure for Bush it's also a failure for the people governed by the Tailiban.

Bush wanted to avenge his father's failures. But instead Bush turned this into a double failure. We will always associate the name Bush with failure, unnecessary war, and class warfare.

Bush you have let America down, as well as every single president who has come before you.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Political Theater


This debate is like a boxing match. Not even a boxing match - like a one sided match. In one corner we have Hollywood Hulk Hogan with one armed tied behind his back (this would be Sean Hannity) in the other corner we have Muhammed Ali in his prime (Wesley Clark).

Hollywood rips off his shirt swings it around his head and throws it into the crowd. Muhammed dances left right Upper-Cut match is over Muhammed wins round one.

Hannity tries to take the republicans-strong on terrorism approach. Clark hands Hannity his ass. Then Hannity fakes with a blame Clinton for Cole attack. Clark hands Hannity his other ass cheek on a silver plate. Hannity interrupts, he didn't understand what Clark said aparently. Clark restates it, correctly assigns blame towards the Bush administration again. Hannity interuppts again, !!Political Theater!! !!Political Theater!! Clark dismisses Hannity's statement brings us back to the facts again. Hannity starts to interrupt again, but nobody is listening. Hannity has lost.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bush plays his last card - The race card

For full effect play "We are the champions" by Queen while reading this blog entry

That's it, that was the last possible trick up the sleave of this administration.
The Bush machine has played the race card, they have nothing left. The are naked and running.

Here it is......

Rice: Leaving Iraq is like endorsing slavery

Lets check the facts:
50% of Iraqi's approve on attacks against American forces
90% of Iraqi-Sunnis approve on attacks against American forces
80% of Iraqi's do not believe American when we state that we will not leave bases in Iraq once we leave
70% of Iraqi's support a timetable that defines the date that the U.S. troops will leave Iraq
66% of Iraqi's believe their security will increase when America leaves Iraq
66% of Iraqi's believe their services (water, electricty) will improve when America leaves Iraq
(poll conducted in 2006 by the university of Maryland)

The facts are in Condi, looks like your full of shit.

You really should have played the race card later in the game, you should have waited for the impeachment, or the trial, or the sentencing. Your out your done.

Letter to ABC about 9/11 movie

This is a letter I wrote to ABC about their new movie.

Fuck your damned lies ABC. 9/11 was caused by disregarding an ignored memo: "Bin Laden determined to attack inside the US".

Clinton wanted to get guys to jump out of heilocopters and shoot up the training camps in Afganistan. Clinton was told "no" by the military, heilocopters just can't fly that far. Clinton funded and supported the use of drone modle airplanes, little planes of death with a great killing capacity via the use of missles.

Meanwhile Bush read My Pet Goat for 45 minutes.

Reality check: Bush lies and just plain stupid things in the news

The Bush machine has cranked out a movie on their lapdog new organization ABC. This movie blames Clinton for 9/11. Lets look at the facts:

Clinton wanted to get guys to jump out of heilocopters and shoot up the training camps in Afganistan. Clinton was told "no" by the military, heilocopters just can't fly that far. Clinton funded and supported the use of drone model airplanes, little planes of death with a great killing capacity via the use of missles.

Meanwhile Bush read My Pet Goat for 45 minutes while we were being attacked. Bush cut funding to the drone airplanes, (and then later started using them - more than clinton (they were still new technology under clinton)) Bush wanted to fund missle defense and got us out of the ABM treaty. Hello Kim Jung Il, Hello North Korea. Remember the missle test above Japan? Bush ignored real military threats and created new ones. That is Bush's legacy. That is how Bush made us less safe.

Bush told a reporter that Jews are 'all going to hell'. Republicans need Jews to bring Jesus back but after that Jews are burining in hell. It's been my experance that as long as we are willing to support Israel and give them their 6 billion a year they are cool with this relationship.

Bush you are going to burn in hell for your actions before any single Jew does for his or her beliefs.

Furthermore Bush said that Islam is a great religion. He said this because he was advised to do so. At this time Bush was lying. He was lying to himself, and in his mind to us the American people. He lied to us about our souls. He did this because he was told to do so. Do you see how this works? Bush sacrificed his own damned religion, lied and all because he was told to do so!

Recentally Bush said: "The problem is we get oil from some parts of the world and they simply don't like us...".

However thoes people do seem to like Bush. Bush and the Saudis get along pretty good. They bought out his failing oil business. The fact is that the people selling us oil love us. It our policies and control of thoes places that have caused these people to realize that we don't give a shit about them we just want their oil. We have continually fucked with these regions, forcing dictatorship instead of democracies, selling them bombs instead of medicanes. They hate us for good reason. Bush is either really stupid about the history of these regions or he is hiding the truth. - That's a tough call.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The race is over Bush versus New Orleans

One year ago we challenged Bush to a race. Bush claimed that he would rebuild the city and that it would be better than before. He started out way behind because of his mis-managed rescue efforts and poor planning. In other words he caused the problem to spiral out of control and did not provide leadership that would have made the challenge less difficult. He then fucked up rerbuilding the levees by allowing the levees to be rebuilt using a cheaper sand mix rather than a stronger clay. During the chaos he gave the survivors atm cards which were used to buy playstations. It's like throwing dry newspaper on a fire and walking a way congradulating yourself on a job well done. The fire will flame up for a second and then return to the previous state.

Before we site the winners and losers of our contest lets find some standards to compare Bush's response with. I'm going to use the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Lots of poor immigrants, a completely destroyed city, the only differences are that: fire instead of water was the cause of the disaster, the technology of 1906 was far less than that of New Orleans a year ago, communication was also far less, the amount of money and resources were less, and San Francisco of 1906 didn't have support offered to it from other countries, New Orleans was offered support from countries with less money than us who also suffered from the hurricane. Bush had many advantages over the 1906 earthquake, yet the devistation of 1906 was largely completed before a years time. The people and the culture remained. San Francicso remained a marvel of a city.

According to James Ward from the Army Core of Engineers:
New Orleans is not ready for another hurricane
Another Katrina type hurricane would wipe out the same areas as before
The levees are not finished and could be breached again
Only 20% of the funding allocated for the rebuild was used (80% of the work is still undone)

According to Sue Sperry Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans
Large parts of New Orleans is still devistated
Mud still exists from the flood in peoples houses - the clean up is not complete
Wrecked homes and neighborhoods bring depression to the communities
The insurance companies have successfully escaped from debts owed to the people
Neighborhoods are deserted
Sue is optimistic that the city will come back but she is worried that the architecture will be lost as well as the culture.

According to CNN crappy news station and lap-dog of the Bush administration
$304 million dollars has been wasted
Mobile Homes were bought that are unused and unsuable (It was Bush's idea to spread out the poor niggers in Moble Homes across the country - that's how the lower class lives in Texas)

The results are in. No winners only losers. The America people have lost New Orleans to corruption, to fear, to hopelessness.

The leaders are responsible. When America needed a strong leader time and time again Bush has proven that he is not the man for the job. Bush didn't let me down I expected miserable failure. I expected him to favor the rich over the community.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Satan himself rises from the earth to deliver a message

Right wing nut job and neo con Satan delievers message on his tv station.
Here we see that satan is trying to help bring about another world war by convencing christians that it is safe to hate islam and muslims.

!!Warning watch at your own risk!!
You will see satan himself in human form talking and trying to confuse you. Do not watch this to you do not want to be tempted.

Satan is lying. He says that the word islam means submission. Submission to Islam itself. No Satan you are wrong.

Islam means submission to god.

You lying sack of Schmidt.

Satan then likens the entire religion to two men that commited a crime. It would be like saying all christian are like Mel Gibson. Christians don't all spit on cops when they get arrested and call them filthy jews. Mel Gibson is a far cry from a typical christain. As are 2 nut jobs from the middle east a good symbol of the religion. I guess Satan never took the time to read the Koran or even to meet 1 fucking muslim.

Satan then confuses what mohammed said. Satan would have you believe that mohammed wants to kill the non-believers. Mohammed's statement is much like christian's jesus - the idea is that if you do not submit to god then you are not really alive because you are dead inside.

Satan then goes on to say the the bin lauden character is a true follower of the religion.

It seems that Pat Robertson and Osama bin laden are much more alike than different.

Satan then goes on to say that the koran does not work in a modern society (yeah unlike the king james version of the christian bible) so that the only way you can be peaceful and follow islam is to disregard parts of islam.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Bush Machine has taken us back to the Cold War Era

Bush Machine has taken us back to the Cold War Era

Right now on CNN I'm watching some military general talk about the results of a missle test. He is surronded by "the media" who are asking him questions about the altitude, the success, the amount of data recorded.

I don't believe that "the media" really gives a shit, I think they are planted.

The important thing to note here is not the missle but why are we talking about missles?
Is this important news to you? It's not to me.

I should say "we" I should say why has the Bush machine influenced CNN to cover this story. We are back in the Cold War Era. We have fake news we hope the enemy will hear so as to influence them.