Saturday, August 26, 2006

Yet another republican Lying sack of Schmidt

Jean Schmidt (R) of Ohio is a lying sack of shit.

She says she participated in a marathon but the bloggers caught her lie. She did participate. But this winning photo was cropped together with photoshop.

What is shy lying for? She is lying to say she is part of the community.

Here are the highlights of the picture.
  • Zoom in on any person's hand in the picture notice that the area around the hand (street below) is pixelated. The street will have a ghost image of a hand around the real hand. Every single hand except for hers
  • Notice the different numbering system, each runner is assigned a number 3-4 digits. Except for Lying sack of Schmidt she has a letter prefixed to her number.
  • According to Columnbus Marathon's own website: Whaywong Semer of Fremont, Ohio, set a new national record of 3:36:57 in the same year, funny how the record mentions the second place female and not the first place. According to the photo Schmit's time was 3:19:06
  • The local news paper listed the top placing runners and Schmit's name was not mentioned
  • Doing a search for the last name of "Schmidt" from Ohio on Columbus Marathon's own website lists Jean Schmidt's time at 3:56:06 and states that her place was 1468 (not in the top 50 or so which that time would have meant)
  • In 1993 Jean Schmidt's number was 3378 not "F55??"
  • Notice her smile and how she looks directy at the camera. The camera that is pointed over her head by more than 10 feet. Funny how she could see the camera from so far away.
  • Notice the lack of a shadow below her
  • Notice that her sholders are equal distant apart, her posture is towards the camera when ever other single human is facing the bottom right
  • Notice how her entire body is just a little bit dispreportionate, the photo of her is just too small compared to the other people in the photo - even accounting for a small frame

Nope, this photo can't be real.

Oh and by the way there is a state law in Ohio that prohibits candidates from publishing false statements designed to promote their election.


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