Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yet another let down from CNN

Recently CNN has let me down again.

This time CNN did an interview with John Hagee.

That is John Hagee as in the nut job over on TBN. No not TBS. TBN.

TBN is the network that is dedicated to putting satellites all over the earth. The people that bring black African boys little toy trucks to play with (African as in what is a truck?) and black African girls Barbie dolls. TBN as in the 700 club a.k.a. "Neo-Cons". TBN as in gold plated everything. TBN as Jews will burn in hell but only after Israelis blows-up the dirty Arabs and here comes Jesus! That TBN. That John Hagee was on CNN.

What did John Hagee have to talk about?

The end of the world.


This is not news.
  1. The end of the world has been predicted for as long as man has existed
  2. John Hagee has predicted the end of the world as long as he has been able to speak
  3. Every single fucking prediction by John Hagee and man has been wrong - it's like 0 for 14,600,000 (Using christian "scientists" humans have been around for 40,000 years * 365 days. This doesn't account for multiple humans predicting the end of the world at the same time or the real length of time that humans have actually been on the earth so the number 14,600,000 is actually on the low end by a long shot.)

What CNN didn't talk about was the mass amounts of money and support John Hagee is organizing to get Israel to start up a bigger war. A war to end all wars. A war that makes him right.

A person like John Hagee has nothing to contribute to CNN except the discussion of what is he trying to do with his followers. His predictions on the world ending have absolutely no news value.

The Trinity Broadcasting Network is one of the most fucked up things I have ever seen. Watch it sometime, watch the tattooed lady () cry on demand as she reads from the bible.

They don't even understand what their name means: "Trinity" was an agreement between churches over what to worship. It has absolutly nothing to do with their religion anymore. They have condemed the Trinity in support of a new religion. Their beliefs (that Jesus was god in man's form, when we pray we pray to Jesus, and that all other prayer is to a false god who is not listening) would have pissed off 2/3rds of the christians and most likely started a war.

People listen to these nut-bags because they think TBN is probablly right. Better off trusting them than looking in to the facts and having to argue with them. These people are very dangerous though. They have lots of money (gold-plated everything), organization (a country full of morons), and the media (their own tv-stations).

CNN missed the news again.


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