Monday, August 28, 2006

Why Bush is responsible for deaths caused by Katrina and it's aftermath

Bush outsourced the emergency planning to the highest republican bidder.
Meanwhile Bush played golf, Dick hid, Rice bought some cute little shoes, and Rumsfeld micomanaged the torture of some innocent Iraqis.

Bush's propaganda machine isn't quite keeping up with the turth.

The company that got the bid was IEM Innovative Emergency Management. Their half million dollar plan has since went missing.

The plan had a few holes: the poor, the sick, the old, people with out cars, locations of Buses and escape routes, food and water. Things like that.

This is on your head George Walker Bush.

Bush made this disaster a racial issue.
Look here is black person from New Orleans

And a white person
This white person was given a Key to the City for his support of Bush. After being allowed to stay in the whitehouse and proclaiming that Bush should stay in office another 4 years.

What did the black people recieve. Nothing some houses they can't use, some money that is already gone. As always the black community came together and lifted themselves out, (along with the soul of America) The black people made this song for us to share:


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