Saturday, August 12, 2006

Terror in the skies. Don't believe the hype.

Recently the Bush administration would have us believe that they caught more bad guys and are now keeping us safe by taking away our drinking water.

That's bullshit and here's why:

The tip that was given to British officials that led to the arrest of the would-be bombers came in a year ago.

Lets think back a year ago. How many bottles of water did the Bush Machine prevent on airplanes?

For one year Bush knew that any plane might blow up, but did nothing to prevent it. Not until arrests were made. Now it's a matter of covering ass, and looking strong in front of the cameras.

This isn't the first time either. After 9-11 the airlines requested that lighters and matches be confiscated from passengers. The cigarette lobbyists, may they burn in hell, paid Bush to keep these items on board.

Remember the shoe bomber? Oops,, even after that incident it took a while to ban these items. And up until the water incident they were still in a gray area.

Don't allow Bush or Bush followers to steal credit for something that they helped to fuck up.

A few days ago I talked to a person from England I asked him how has his country changed since the water bomb incident. He said "not at all". Their lives are pretty much the same. Ask an American that, how did we deal with crisis? How did we rise to the challenge. In the most ass way possible that brought about more harm and fear than good.


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