Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel Gibson: the bullshit behind the story

During Mel's movie The Passion of the Christ Mel is accused of being anti-semitic.

The movie concentrated on the gore of a story that probably isn't true. The message of the movie was about really gruesome gory part of a story. The movie neglected every single part of Christianity. No love, no forgiveness, nothing. It brought about a new hatred of the Judaism, inspired hate, and was terrible in my opinion.

Recently Mel was drinking and driving. When arrested by the police it was reported (and later covered up) that he had a few anti-semitic slurs.

I at this point do not understand the word anti-semitic. I believe "semite" it to be a cultural group. A group that the Israel people are prejudice against and basically hate. In other words Israeli people are the most anti-semitic people. I might be wrong about the definition of the word. I believe the word is used to describe hate toward the Israeli people, cultural group and religion. These 3 things are lumped together.

Anyways back to the bullshit.

So Mel hates Jews. But I bet you anything he supports their war, their occupation, and their rights to the land they occupy. Mel is a stupid stupid fuck. He needs the Jews to bring about his end of the world and return of his savior. But he cannot see past his hate for them to be able to work with them.

Together Mel Gibson and the Jewish peoples war against the children can help destroy the earth. I guess Mel just doesn't see the big picture.

Mel has apologised after 3 days of trying to hide the facts and failing to do so. Mel can find some agreements with the Jews, he needs them to destroy the earth. Good Luck Mel!

PS Forgivness is part of Judaism so they have to forgive you.

PPS (Your religion too, also racism is bad (in both religions))


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