Monday, August 21, 2006

Letter to kathreine harris

This is an open letter to Katherine Harris. I don't care if I spelled her name right. She doesn't deserive the 2 second lookup it would take to spell her name correctly. She didn't respond to the email and if she sends me more than 3 campaign letters by spam blocker will kick in and automatically shit can the rest of her bullshit.

As a person that hates you I thought it might be helpful to let you know why you are going to lose. Perhaps this can help you to change your image.

1) you are a republican, republicans have led us to an unjust war, an unjust economy, an a more unhealthy enviroment.

2) people associate your name with the anti-democracy katherine harris puppet from the flordia recount 2000. You see a recent poll of americans found that 96% of americans are for an open voting system where the people have the right to check the vote. Unfortunatly you have the same name as that anti-american bitch and since you are from the same state they will continue to confuse you with that horrid bitch. You are different people arn't you? Because I mean, consider if she were running for office. How in god's name would she dare to show her face as a public icon. We americans should skin her alive if she were so bold. If you are her I suggest you stop being her. And stop insulting democracy by running for office.

3) your own party hates you

4) you have been caught in various illegal campaign funding scandles

5) no one cares about your boob size, using that in photo shoots makes you look trashy, insults women and makes men nauseous.


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