Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's offical I'm calling Rockey Vaccarella a pussy

It's offical I am calling Rocky Vaccarella a pussy. (notice that I took the time to spell his name correctly Kathrine Harris doesn't deserve such credit).

You can learn more about Rockey here:

On this site you will find his documented struggle to give Bush a few days of media relief. Also a couple of morons who congradulate Rockey on a job done.

Rockey took the difficult trip to DC stayed in the Whitehouse and was given a golden Key to the City. Meanwhile your average New Orleans nigger now lives in South Dakota, hasn't gone to school for a year, has a house in New Orleans in good condition yet is not allowed to move back there because some rich white republican son of a bitch is planning on demolishing the house to make a 5 star casino.

Rockey your not the average New Orleans resident. All you amount to is about 4 days worth of media distraction for Bush's failures.

The real reason I'm offically calling Rockey a pussy is because he did not respond to my first letter. It's now 3 days later, I think he has had time to read the first sentence and press the delete key.

Unfortunatly I don't have the letter I sent. I didn't keep a copy. Basically I asked him politely to respond to the fact that Bush out-sourced emergency planning to the highest republican bidder: IEM (Innovative Emergency Management). (see my blog entry on the 28th [Why Bush is responsible for deaths caused by Katrina and it's aftermath]).

I wanted to have an honest debate. But I can't wait more than 3 days so now I'm trying to provoke Rockey. There is nothing I would like more than some hate mail (except of course for some encouraging email).

This is my second letter to Rockey offically calling him a pussy:

Subject: Time is up
I am now offically calling you a pussy. You didn't respond to my message because you have nothing to say. Even Bush is against you on this one. Bush says he is responsible for the disaster of New Orleans.
You Suck.


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