Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's offical I'm calling Rockey Vaccarella a pussy

It's offical I am calling Rocky Vaccarella a pussy. (notice that I took the time to spell his name correctly Kathrine Harris doesn't deserve such credit).

You can learn more about Rockey here:

On this site you will find his documented struggle to give Bush a few days of media relief. Also a couple of morons who congradulate Rockey on a job done.

Rockey took the difficult trip to DC stayed in the Whitehouse and was given a golden Key to the City. Meanwhile your average New Orleans nigger now lives in South Dakota, hasn't gone to school for a year, has a house in New Orleans in good condition yet is not allowed to move back there because some rich white republican son of a bitch is planning on demolishing the house to make a 5 star casino.

Rockey your not the average New Orleans resident. All you amount to is about 4 days worth of media distraction for Bush's failures.

The real reason I'm offically calling Rockey a pussy is because he did not respond to my first letter. It's now 3 days later, I think he has had time to read the first sentence and press the delete key.

Unfortunatly I don't have the letter I sent. I didn't keep a copy. Basically I asked him politely to respond to the fact that Bush out-sourced emergency planning to the highest republican bidder: IEM (Innovative Emergency Management). (see my blog entry on the 28th [Why Bush is responsible for deaths caused by Katrina and it's aftermath]).

I wanted to have an honest debate. But I can't wait more than 3 days so now I'm trying to provoke Rockey. There is nothing I would like more than some hate mail (except of course for some encouraging email).

This is my second letter to Rockey offically calling him a pussy:

Subject: Time is up
I am now offically calling you a pussy. You didn't respond to my message because you have nothing to say. Even Bush is against you on this one. Bush says he is responsible for the disaster of New Orleans.
You Suck.

News coverage of Jon Benet: 2 weeks of bullshit

  • War in Iraq
  • War in Afganisatan
  • War in Israel
  • Nuclear power / weapons in Iran
  • Judge ruled Bush broke the law and that he may serve time in jail (5 years) and have to pay up to $10,000 for violating the 1st, 4th Constitutional Admenments as well as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)

What story does the media cover? - Jon Benet
Not only Jon Benet but the person who might and in fact did not kill her.

NBC - 7 minutes 39 seconds on the Ramsey story, only 27 seconds on the NSA
CBS - 3 minutes 23 seconds on the Ramsey story, only 25 seconds on the NSA
ABC - 4 minutes 3 seconds on the Ramsey story, only 2 minutes on the NSA

The revolution will not be televised on TV. It will be French style - with pitch forks and fire.

Cheney found a fall guy

A while ago Cheney got pissed at Palme for exposing his lies to war.
There is no doubt that Cheney exposed our CIA as revenge against his lies of WMD.
There is no doubt that he lied about WMD to bring about war.
There is no doubt that the war gives the US more control over oil.
there is no doubt that the Bush machine pulled out inspections that would have kept us safe so that they could run into war. 2000+ dead.

Cheney should be scrubbing toilet seats in a gas station as a reward for his unpatriotic actions. Instead Cheney is going to blame this guy:

Bush Takes “Full Responsibility” For Katrina Response

The only reason Bush is saying this at all is because he knows it is meaningless.

It's complete bullshit, we have tape of Bush joking that he was glad that another person was under the spotlight instead of himself.
That was a year ago.

So Bush you are responsible, lets see what that means:
  • Less than half of the city’s pre-storm population of 460,000 has returned, putting the population at roughly what it was in 1880.
  • Nearly a third of the trash has yet to be picked up.
  • Sixty percent of homes still lack electricity.
  • Seventeen percent of the buses are operational.
  • Half of the physicians have left, and there is a shortage of 1,000 nurses.
  • Six of the nine hospitals remain closed.
  • Sixty-six percent of public schools have reopened.
  • A 40 percent hike in rental rates, disproportionately affecting black and low-income families.
  • A 300 percent increase in the suicide rate.
  • Eighty-four percent of New Orleans residents rate the government’s recovery efforts negatively, while 66 percent believe the recovery money has been “mostly wasted.”
  • A disproportionate number of Black people have been affected, could not return. While the whiter richer areas are starting to come back.

Looks like George Bush is a racists.

George Bush,
Your fired. Don't let the door hit you on the ass.

To keep this in perpective the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake the earthquake and fire that destroyed the entire city. Back in 1906 with no heilocopters, no bulldozers, no cars. It took 1 year to rebuild the city.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Why Bush is responsible for deaths caused by Katrina and it's aftermath

Bush outsourced the emergency planning to the highest republican bidder.
Meanwhile Bush played golf, Dick hid, Rice bought some cute little shoes, and Rumsfeld micomanaged the torture of some innocent Iraqis.

Bush's propaganda machine isn't quite keeping up with the turth.

The company that got the bid was IEM Innovative Emergency Management. Their half million dollar plan has since went missing.

The plan had a few holes: the poor, the sick, the old, people with out cars, locations of Buses and escape routes, food and water. Things like that.

This is on your head George Walker Bush.

Bush made this disaster a racial issue.
Look here is black person from New Orleans

And a white person
This white person was given a Key to the City for his support of Bush. After being allowed to stay in the whitehouse and proclaiming that Bush should stay in office another 4 years.

What did the black people recieve. Nothing some houses they can't use, some money that is already gone. As always the black community came together and lifted themselves out, (along with the soul of America) The black people made this song for us to share:

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Yet another republican Lying sack of Schmidt

Jean Schmidt (R) of Ohio is a lying sack of shit.

She says she participated in a marathon but the bloggers caught her lie. She did participate. But this winning photo was cropped together with photoshop.

What is shy lying for? She is lying to say she is part of the community.

Here are the highlights of the picture.
  • Zoom in on any person's hand in the picture notice that the area around the hand (street below) is pixelated. The street will have a ghost image of a hand around the real hand. Every single hand except for hers
  • Notice the different numbering system, each runner is assigned a number 3-4 digits. Except for Lying sack of Schmidt she has a letter prefixed to her number.
  • According to Columnbus Marathon's own website: Whaywong Semer of Fremont, Ohio, set a new national record of 3:36:57 in the same year, funny how the record mentions the second place female and not the first place. According to the photo Schmit's time was 3:19:06
  • The local news paper listed the top placing runners and Schmit's name was not mentioned
  • Doing a search for the last name of "Schmidt" from Ohio on Columbus Marathon's own website lists Jean Schmidt's time at 3:56:06 and states that her place was 1468 (not in the top 50 or so which that time would have meant)
  • In 1993 Jean Schmidt's number was 3378 not "F55??"
  • Notice her smile and how she looks directy at the camera. The camera that is pointed over her head by more than 10 feet. Funny how she could see the camera from so far away.
  • Notice the lack of a shadow below her
  • Notice that her sholders are equal distant apart, her posture is towards the camera when ever other single human is facing the bottom right
  • Notice how her entire body is just a little bit dispreportionate, the photo of her is just too small compared to the other people in the photo - even accounting for a small frame

Nope, this photo can't be real.

Oh and by the way there is a state law in Ohio that prohibits candidates from publishing false statements designed to promote their election.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Israel’s Deputy UN Ambassador Daniel Carmon on the loss of innocent civilians

Israel’s Deputy UN Ambassador Daniel Carmon on the loss of innocent civilians (90% of targets were civilian) 1/3rd of the innocents were children.

If thoughes figures are true... We cannot be sure that all of the Civilian Causalities were all purely innocent.

Yes since Israel blew up the these people, since they are now dead it is no longer possible to question them, to determine if they were in fact innocent.

The real winner in the War or Terrorism

According to British intelligence the real winner on our "War against Terrorism" is Iran.

Iran once considered a crazy nut job is more democratic than America, has more sympathy than Israel or America, and supports a broader culture than Iraq.

Yet another hugh freaking failure from the republicans.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Letter to kathreine harris

This is an open letter to Katherine Harris. I don't care if I spelled her name right. She doesn't deserive the 2 second lookup it would take to spell her name correctly. She didn't respond to the email and if she sends me more than 3 campaign letters by spam blocker will kick in and automatically shit can the rest of her bullshit.

As a person that hates you I thought it might be helpful to let you know why you are going to lose. Perhaps this can help you to change your image.

1) you are a republican, republicans have led us to an unjust war, an unjust economy, an a more unhealthy enviroment.

2) people associate your name with the anti-democracy katherine harris puppet from the flordia recount 2000. You see a recent poll of americans found that 96% of americans are for an open voting system where the people have the right to check the vote. Unfortunatly you have the same name as that anti-american bitch and since you are from the same state they will continue to confuse you with that horrid bitch. You are different people arn't you? Because I mean, consider if she were running for office. How in god's name would she dare to show her face as a public icon. We americans should skin her alive if she were so bold. If you are her I suggest you stop being her. And stop insulting democracy by running for office.

3) your own party hates you

4) you have been caught in various illegal campaign funding scandles

5) no one cares about your boob size, using that in photo shoots makes you look trashy, insults women and makes men nauseous.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Terror in the skies. Don't believe the hype.

Recently the Bush administration would have us believe that they caught more bad guys and are now keeping us safe by taking away our drinking water.

That's bullshit and here's why:

The tip that was given to British officials that led to the arrest of the would-be bombers came in a year ago.

Lets think back a year ago. How many bottles of water did the Bush Machine prevent on airplanes?

For one year Bush knew that any plane might blow up, but did nothing to prevent it. Not until arrests were made. Now it's a matter of covering ass, and looking strong in front of the cameras.

This isn't the first time either. After 9-11 the airlines requested that lighters and matches be confiscated from passengers. The cigarette lobbyists, may they burn in hell, paid Bush to keep these items on board.

Remember the shoe bomber? Oops,, even after that incident it took a while to ban these items. And up until the water incident they were still in a gray area.

Don't allow Bush or Bush followers to steal credit for something that they helped to fuck up.

A few days ago I talked to a person from England I asked him how has his country changed since the water bomb incident. He said "not at all". Their lives are pretty much the same. Ask an American that, how did we deal with crisis? How did we rise to the challenge. In the most ass way possible that brought about more harm and fear than good.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jeb Bush makes handcount illegal here's why:

The Bush Machine hired programmers to steal the election.

Hear it direct from Clinton E. Curtis the man who wrote the program to steal election.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yet another lie from the Bush administration

When Bush was asking for our votes one of his tactics was to attack Clinton. Easy.

One thing Bush said was that if there was a sudden war some percentage of the Army would have to report "Not ready for duty sir!".

Well just recentally in the news the Coast Guard says that 2/3 of it's forces are not ready for duty. The Army, Air Force, and Marines are all been streched thinner that we all thought was possible. And on top of that it was the very Army that Bush insulted that is fighting his war. Bush cut funding to this Army and they were still ready.

Bush reaks of lies.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yet another let down from CNN

Recently CNN has let me down again.

This time CNN did an interview with John Hagee.

That is John Hagee as in the nut job over on TBN. No not TBS. TBN.

TBN is the network that is dedicated to putting satellites all over the earth. The people that bring black African boys little toy trucks to play with (African as in what is a truck?) and black African girls Barbie dolls. TBN as in the 700 club a.k.a. "Neo-Cons". TBN as in gold plated everything. TBN as Jews will burn in hell but only after Israelis blows-up the dirty Arabs and here comes Jesus! That TBN. That John Hagee was on CNN.

What did John Hagee have to talk about?

The end of the world.


This is not news.
  1. The end of the world has been predicted for as long as man has existed
  2. John Hagee has predicted the end of the world as long as he has been able to speak
  3. Every single fucking prediction by John Hagee and man has been wrong - it's like 0 for 14,600,000 (Using christian "scientists" humans have been around for 40,000 years * 365 days. This doesn't account for multiple humans predicting the end of the world at the same time or the real length of time that humans have actually been on the earth so the number 14,600,000 is actually on the low end by a long shot.)

What CNN didn't talk about was the mass amounts of money and support John Hagee is organizing to get Israel to start up a bigger war. A war to end all wars. A war that makes him right.

A person like John Hagee has nothing to contribute to CNN except the discussion of what is he trying to do with his followers. His predictions on the world ending have absolutely no news value.

The Trinity Broadcasting Network is one of the most fucked up things I have ever seen. Watch it sometime, watch the tattooed lady () cry on demand as she reads from the bible.

They don't even understand what their name means: "Trinity" was an agreement between churches over what to worship. It has absolutly nothing to do with their religion anymore. They have condemed the Trinity in support of a new religion. Their beliefs (that Jesus was god in man's form, when we pray we pray to Jesus, and that all other prayer is to a false god who is not listening) would have pissed off 2/3rds of the christians and most likely started a war.

People listen to these nut-bags because they think TBN is probablly right. Better off trusting them than looking in to the facts and having to argue with them. These people are very dangerous though. They have lots of money (gold-plated everything), organization (a country full of morons), and the media (their own tv-stations).

CNN missed the news again.

Mel Gibson: the bullshit behind the story

During Mel's movie The Passion of the Christ Mel is accused of being anti-semitic.

The movie concentrated on the gore of a story that probably isn't true. The message of the movie was about really gruesome gory part of a story. The movie neglected every single part of Christianity. No love, no forgiveness, nothing. It brought about a new hatred of the Judaism, inspired hate, and was terrible in my opinion.

Recently Mel was drinking and driving. When arrested by the police it was reported (and later covered up) that he had a few anti-semitic slurs.

I at this point do not understand the word anti-semitic. I believe "semite" it to be a cultural group. A group that the Israel people are prejudice against and basically hate. In other words Israeli people are the most anti-semitic people. I might be wrong about the definition of the word. I believe the word is used to describe hate toward the Israeli people, cultural group and religion. These 3 things are lumped together.

Anyways back to the bullshit.

So Mel hates Jews. But I bet you anything he supports their war, their occupation, and their rights to the land they occupy. Mel is a stupid stupid fuck. He needs the Jews to bring about his end of the world and return of his savior. But he cannot see past his hate for them to be able to work with them.

Together Mel Gibson and the Jewish peoples war against the children can help destroy the earth. I guess Mel just doesn't see the big picture.

Mel has apologised after 3 days of trying to hide the facts and failing to do so. Mel can find some agreements with the Jews, he needs them to destroy the earth. Good Luck Mel!

PS Forgivness is part of Judaism so they have to forgive you.

PPS (Your religion too, also racism is bad (in both religions))