Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Yet another failure of the Bush administration

Once again the Bush administration has let us down, they have failed to protect us from a predictable obsticle. One more nail in the coffin of Bush's presidency.

This time it is 3 missles fired from North Korea.

The first long range missle failed, I suspect that this failure was on purpose, the man pretending to be Kim Jong Il (I believe him to be a preposter) ordered the missle to fail. This way we would say thank god it failed and WTF! is Bush protecting besides his own ass and assets.

This will have the effect Kim wanted. Bush will use this as an excuse to do whatever the fuck he wants which will in turn have the effect of toppling America.

I am more scared of the Bush war machine's reaction to this than I am to the actual implications of the missle test.

Once again notice that at the moment of panic. At the moment of fear and danger Bush is no where to be found.


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