Saturday, July 22, 2006

Quick note on Israel

I'm planning on writing up a full list of my views in Israel. Until now I have been reading what I can about Israel and it's relations to their surronding neighbors. That is still in the works. I just want to say that Israel's policys of blowing the shit out of the dirty Arabs that kidnapped their poor innocent helpless boy (who was just by chance a member of the army and was carrying a machine gun) isn't going to work.

Like the tar-baby story or the story about the sun and wind fighting to take off a man's coat. The stragety is wrong and it will not work. I believe Israel knows this.

Israel also knows who's got the money, who's got the tanks, who's got the rockets, who's got the masses of people. War is going to benefit one side more than the other. There should be no doubt - Israel is purposefully starting the war, willing to sacrifice their own child for land, water, control, and power.


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