Saturday, July 22, 2006

MSNBC: Bush sees opportunity in Middle East

I just read this headline "Bush sees opportunity in Middle East" on MSNBC.

First of all let me say "Fuck You" MSNBC. You and your deep pockets that sell propaganda like a commodity. You hurt real people and real countries for a couple of bucks. You can go fuck yourself while I use linux and read Democracy Now!.

The Bush machine is trying to spin Bush's long series of failures into something that sounds a little better. Watch Bush, next time he is asked about the "failed policies" he is going to say something like, "well I don't see it that way. I see opportunity".

Mr. Bush, you want to know what I see. I see a lack of opportunities. I see all kinds of shit we can't do because of your failed policies. I can't visit Lebanon. I can't visit Afganistan, I can't visit Iraq, I can't visit Iran. I could have visited all of these countries under the last 42 presidents or so.

I don't see how my dead friend is an opportunity, I don't have the opportunity to go to the mall with him any more. I can't ask him for help with my homework, I can't go over to his house to have some beers.

I don't have the opportunity to drive on a little vacation I was planning this summer. I was going to go for a long drive, but unfortunatly the rise in gas prices made that trip a little too pricey for me. I suppose I do have the opportunity to sell my car though.

I can't buy shit with my credit card without you sticking you nose up my ass. I can't use myspace without you investigating my friends. I can't use the discount card at the local Borders without you having a record of the left wing media I read and buy. I can't call my friends or family without you listening to me talk. I can't surf the internet without you knowing my passwords. ([{TrueCrypt Fuck your Policies George W. Bush}])

I'd like to know what the opportunity you see is. (Notice the singular use of the word "opportunity"). I am willing to bet that the opportunity is to expan the war in Iraq, expand in Afganistan, continue your just-get-by policy with North Korea and hope that the war Israel is starting doesn't continue to cause a backlash in the various ways that it is.

The only opportunity I can see is we physically remove you from office, hold you, Rumsfeld, and Dick for war crimes and treason. Then elect the next guy who seems the least like you in every possible way. Fix our voting system, re-strengthen our lower and middle class, empower our economy, restore our human rights, fix our ecology, and fix our laws that allowed you to control our media. Basically everything that you fucked up, we have the opportunity to fix now that it is so very broken.


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