Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Last Straw with MSNBC

That's it MSNBC.
You're full of shit, you sell Bush propaganda. And I've had enough of your lies.

Just 9 days ago. Rice has boasted about her winning peace strategy for her up and coming trip to “The Middle East” (Israel). Just recentally in the news Israel has agreed to pose as good guys after blowing up 19 children and their parents. By chance it was during this cease-fire that Rice was going to visit “The Middle East” (Israel) to talk to Lebanon. According to Forbes “Angry Lebanese officials say they told Rice not to come.”.

The reason why I am threw with MSNBC. Is because of a headline I saw on their Elevator – entertainment news system today. Rice breaks off Mideast trip.

That is a flat out lie.

Sure maybe it was Rice’s decision to not get on the plane. But she was not in control of the situation. It is the intent of this headline to lie to the people and change what they think. Fuck you MSNBC, FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!

The Bush strategy for the Middle East has been very clear.
  1. Ignore countries
  2. Call them names
  3. After 9/11 label them terrorists
  4. Wait for shit to hit fan
  5. Beg them to talk to you
  6. Hope that they do
  7. Proclaim victory in failure


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