Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fox News Update!

Should U.S. Launch a preemptive strike on N. Korea?

Lt Col Gordorn an expert on the subject argues "No" against the better judgement of the hosts of Fox and Friends weekend edition.

Also conventional wisdom argues "No"
And common since is also against Fox on this one.

Even Bush's advisors don't dare suggest this idea to Bush (only because it is not profitable - Exxon is not lobbying them to do it.)

Think of North Korea as a 2 year old with a loaded gun with a room full of people. The 2 year old wants the other people to stay and play and knows that pointing the gun gets a reaction from the people.

Here is a letter I wrote to Fox news on the subject:
You are full of shit, your "news story" on should we preemptive strike N. Korea. Do you even read the news? Are you fucking kidding? Do you know that people might watch this shit you spew? Are you fucking retared?


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