Sunday, July 30, 2006

CNN: The good the bad and the ugly

Recently CNN is starting to realize that with a crack pot nut job in power at the white house and a public as stupid as CNN has made them they had better do a better job of informing the public.

CNN has been playing Regan's dealings with terrorism. They correctly state many times in this documentary that Regan failed to do anything, he lied to the public about what his real intensions are, and his policies flat-out failed. His policies brought about today’s chaos. That is the good news about CNN. They are starting to report news, they are starting to inform the public about the history of why we are the way we are.

The bad is Israel’s one sided coverage of Israel. Israel decided to call a cease-fire (not Israel decided to stop shooting for a while). Causalities are enormous on both sides (not attacks on Israel are conducted by un-guided missiles, while Israel fires with heat-seeking night-vision, satellite aimed missiles on heavily populated areas. Punishing innocent civilians for the offensives of a few.)

The Ugly

CNN did not report a story that would probably have gotten Bush throw the fuck out of office.

During this mess with Israel blowing up countries in an attempt to make war with a people while disguised as an attempt to save one 15 year old boy (while in turn having imprisoned hundreds of more children both younger and older).

Bush has made a stunning announcement. He contradicted everything he has been saying and increased troops in Iraq.

He said that obviously the situation in Bagdad is getting worse. (a complete reversal from his regular message that the media only shows the public the failures and not the stunning successes in Iraq).

He has increased the number of troops going to Iraq, when the world is closer to WWIV than ever. And these troops might be needed at a seconds notice somewhere else.


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