Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bush prooves he has at least 20 supporters

On Bush has released a photo of 20 Bush supporters.

This prooves that the entire country is not against him.

Btw, take a look at that site is is chock full of garbage and rhetoric. As the partial owner of that site. I'm offended that it is full of lies. In it he mentions his good fight against the bad guys, the good nature of the economy. I even found an interview with a right-wing sports car driver. On this site Michael Waltrip (an angry looking neo-con) is asked questions about his driving and sport.

WTF? The way I found this website was through a google search, I wanted to know if in fact Bush's own sink faucets were made of gold or not. (Bush reminds us that Saddam's were - so I wonder). Anyway I tried a search of "whitehouse bathroom" and the first link was this Nascar nut job answering questions from what I am supposed to believe is coming from the public. They ask about tires, and video games. No war no politics at all.

WTF? Is the website so full of crap and lies that they ran out of material. Was there nothing else to put on the website at all?

Also notice that they stoped taking even fake questions from the fake public back in April of 2005. And the government officals they did talk to all seem like fake people. Who the fuck is "Heidi Marquez Smith, Special Assistant to the President for Cabinet Liaison" or "Colby Cooper, Director for Communications and Media Relations, National Security Council" or "Ann Gray, White House Intern Coordinator". Who the fuck cares? Where is Rumsfled and Cheney and Gonzales and the Senators and head of the Energy people?

WTF? Look at one question the "public" asked. (I'm sure this has all been cherry picked)

Kimberly, from Sebring, Florida:
Hi, my name is Kimberly Perrymond. I am taking a National government class and I wanted to know why a person running for president has to be a US resident for the 14 years before taking office. Thank You

Colleen Sullivan, from New York, NY:
Why was the White House originally named "The White House"?

Kimberly, from Los Angeles, California:
I believe many Americans are still paying a lot of income tax. Does Mr. President have a plan to reduce our taxes. I work hard everyday and a lot are of federal tax are taken in my paycheck. What can we do to reduce our taxes?

Answer:John Snow, Secretary of the Treasury:
Kimberly, you and I think a lot alike, and I'm glad ...

Kerry from Atlanta:
Who chooses the order of the cabinet Members that sit next to the President during Cabinet Meetings?

Here are the questions I'd like to ask:

Does Bush thinks he will burn in Hell or not?
Does Laura feel bad about killing that guy?
Are Bush's children aware that children younger than they are dieing to make their family rich?
What exactly was the technical reason that the gernade thrown at Bush didn't go off? - Was it just old Russian crap Or was there some sort of electrical field generator protecting Bush's proximity?
Of what materials are Bush's sink faucets made out of?


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