Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why the recent WMD's are proof that Donald Rumsfeld should burn in hell

Recentally some right wing senator proudly proclaimed that WMD were found in Iraq.

Well.. not really.

The defensive department was quick to shut this guy up.

You see these WMD were not from Iraq. They were from America, Donald Rumsfeld + Regan sold these weapons to their good buddy Saddam to crush Iran.

These WMD were older than the stuff we were looking for and they were most certainly forgotten about by Saddam because they were no longer useful. These things have a shelf life of only 10 years or so and this crap was pre-1991.

Saddam is not on trial for these weapons. If he was we would have to look at our own faults. This would bring us directly to Donald Rumsfeld.


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