Monday, June 12, 2006

Take Action: Annoy

There are some crazy bastards out there these people want to make sure that when you are filling out your crazy bastard list they are included.

These people protest Army graves, celebrate the attacks of 9/11, and hate people in general.

I think that someday, when Bush is old and grey he will see that these people are on the right side of religion. Bush's current position does not allow him to express his opinions outwardly, so we'll have to get back to him later to find out that he supports these people.

But on the issues and Bush are identicle: God is always correct, God's wrath has reason, Gay people are Gay by choice and this choice offends God, 9/11 happened not because of Bush's negligence but because God wanted Bush to start WW3.

There is a small bug on their website. Actually it might not be considered a bug at all. It does allow you to send their database data. To annoy these people visit the following link a few million times:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

7000 and counting, can't wait till they check their inbox.

8:30 PM  

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