Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Project Management

In a company I worked for we had a project manager. One time he took on a project. He did a very terrible job at managing the project. He said it was going to be this big, it was going to take this long, it was going to be this complex, we could expect to use this many of these resouces, and in the end it would benefit us this much and in these ways.

Well it turns out he was all wrong. It was bigger, longer, more complex, used more resources, different kinds of resources, and in the end it benefited us very little and in different ways than the ways he promised it would.

You know what my company did? We fired him.

The reason I bring up this story is that the Bush regieme is making exactly the same kinds of mistakes as my project manager. Except the consequences of the Bush regieme's mistakes are costing us lives, non-renewable resoures, friends (allies), our very souls (murder of women and children, use of torture).

In my company we lost time and money.

Bush, Dick, and Donald Rumsfeld deserve no less than what my project manager recieved. They deserve to be fired. (And tried by their peers, then sent to jail, then they will burn in their own definition of hell).


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