Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pre-War Intelligence / Another Bush lie

Some of the information about the pre-war intelligence is coming out. See C-Span for more info on the subject.

One thing that struck me was the claim that Saddam was looking to purchase high quality satellite images of the east coast. Maybe Saddam was thinking about hitting us with a weapon. Possibly a nuclear bomb (except he doesn't have the missle), possibly a chemical or biological attack (except that every person that could leave the country probablly wouldn't return). But the "facts" remain that Saddam was looking for high quality satellite images of America.

Turns out he wanted high quality satellite images of Iraq. Something like Google Earth, only in black and white and static images. Some sort of GPS system, something like what the current American soliders currently do not have on our Humvees. The seller of the images had some freebee images he was willing to throw in for making the sell. It went something like this: Oh by the way your purchase comes with some maps of east American sea board.


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