Thursday, June 15, 2006

How Bush stole the 2004 election

Kerry won 2004. Stastical evidance proves it. Exit polling results prove it.

Here's how Bush did it.

By targeting and question votes from Black and Jewish people.

Once the votes are challenged the voters are not notified of the challenge and if any evidance exists to proove that the person might not exist or live where she/he says she/he does then the vote is removed.

Bush paid several companies to determine leftward leaning voters: poor, black or jewish. This is nothing less than class warfare. It is also against the voting rights act of 1965. 1965!

The Bush machine sent letters to various Black and Jewish people that were away, fighting in Iraq. They marked these letters as "Do not Forward". These letters were not forwarded and were returned to the sender. Back to the republican party. The republican's now have proof that the individual does not live at the address. They used these letters to remove 300,000 votes.

Just for the record, John Kerry you are a pussy for not contesting this election. From now on every election will be decided in the courts months after the election results. Get used to it.

So this action by the Republicans is illegal, very illegal, we made rules to prevent this sort of thing 40 years ago.

40 years ago


Black Americans: either sit down at the back and the bus and shut up or get up and do something.

Since this is very very illegal, unethically, immorally, burn in hell illegal why wasn't something done? Well the go to guy is John Ashcroft.

What did John Ashcroft do?

There were still a few appointees left over from the Clinton era, when these people were notified and spoke out they were fired by Bush.


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