Monday, June 12, 2006

Bush's response to Gutanimo suicides: Blame the victim

The Bush war machine is asking us to believe that their victims killed themselves to hurt us. They labeled it asymmetric warfare.
Here is a list of what is wrong with that statement:

  1. Their deaths don't really hurt us (unless slightly tarnishing Bush is considered warfare)
  2. We were torturing them in ways condemed by the international commmunity
  3. Some of them were under the age of 18 when they were captured, they were told that they would never leave
  4. We took their hope from them and told them they should have no hope (we did not tell one of them that they would have been freed and cleard of all charges oops)
  5. We were actively preventing them from committing suicide by force feeding them and restraining them

Bush recently came out to say that we should give them a nice burial. According to this asshole America will treat their bodies with respect.

Bush treats their dead bodies better than their living souls.

These deaths are also on your head Bush.


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