Monday, June 26, 2006

Bush's quiet flipflop

Recentally I read a new article entitled "Bush says no troop pullout decision made yet"

Here is what I predict. Bush sees that his creditability is steadily dwindling. He has demanded time after time that we will never leave Iraq as long as he is in power. But the military leaders are starting to pull out. Bush sees that he has no power to force them to stay. Recently republican senators were able to force the democrats to vote for a bullshit bill stating that Bush’s policies in the world are good and should be continued. Bush even went as far as to say that he doesn’t look at polls to decide what actions to take (almost a complete lie, this statement is only true when it has to do with the war)

So Bush is a little fucked right now because what he is saying and what is going to happen are going to contradict. So Bush needs to appear to have said we are going to pull out slowly. It’s going to take some crafty speeches to appear in control.

We know the truth Bush.

Update: 06/27/06
Bush is now saying it is up to General Casey.


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