Friday, June 09, 2006

Bush Celebrates Murder and Death of individual

It's just wrong. The president of the United States is not supposed to celebrate death. Death and Murder are always bad.

al-Zarqawi should be in jail. Instead we have murdered him and celebrated his killing. It would have been better for our country to have him on CNN from time to time showing his anger. Maybe this way our people can understan why his people are upset. That communication was destroyed, and now instead we have Bush taking credit for shit he didn't do. (And could not have done as he has never served in an Armed forces, or cheney or rumsfeld)

Don't belive the propaganda that he can't read, and cannot fire a gun. This is America's propaganda machine at work.

Don't believe that his death is a step closer to ending the war or stopping the bad guys. We exchanged $25 million dollars to one of his ex-buddies for his death.

Let go to a graphic to illustrate the point:

See the $25 million dollars going to bad guys is more valuable than the death of one man. However politically celebrating 1 man's death is more valuable to Bush.


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