Friday, June 16, 2006

Bush and mine saftey - don't believe the hype

Recentally Bush signed a new law that would "increase" mine saftey.

Increase actually means a net-decrease.

Bush first allowed mine saftey inspections to be completed by mine owners.
Bush then toppled a bill that would give 15 million dollars to mine saftey.

People were hurt, killed, burnt alive, crushed, and trapped because of Bush's mine saftey concerns.

A few years later this asshole is trying to take credit for mine saftey by passing a law to encourage saftey training, the use of communication equipment, and the idea of keeping more O2 tanks near escape routes (O2 = fire).

If Bush had allowed the 15 million dollar bill to pass, if he didn't deregulate mine saftey inspections, if these people were not burnt, crushed, trapped and otherwise killed in direct coloration to his actions then and only then could Bush make the claim that he is helping mine saftey.

Bush has done more to harm mine saftey than any other president ever.


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