Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Bush Lie

The Lie:
Iraq is going well, Iraq's resistance is in the last throws, the Iraqi president wants America to stay.

The truth:
Look at any news source. It's all over the net, and tv news (except maybe O'Rielly and Fox) Iraq is a quagmire. It's a huge mess it is killing innocent women and children and breaking our own morales. We are doing things against our own religion no matter what your personal religion may be. Even satan worshipers have rules against rape. Iraq's own reports state that women's rights are down, freedoms of religion are down, freedom of expression are down, freedoms to be gay are down, the number of deaths per week has sky-rocketed.

To say that "Iraq's resistance is in the last throws" assumes there is an Iraqi resistance. The truth is that Iraq is in the middle of a civil war. One like none of us have seen or could understand. We have never had a civil war like this, we do not have this kind of extremism in our religions. The situation in Iraq is much more complicated than just that, there are also factions fighting for power, figthing for land, fighting to tie up America's resources so that we will change our policies with the countries of the middle east and Israel. Bush and Dick reduce this problem down to good guys and bad guys. That in itself is a huge fucking lie.

The Iraqi president Jalal Talabani asked for a timetable of withdraw.


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