Friday, June 30, 2006

False Prisoners

60% of our prisoners in Iraq and Gutanimo are innocent by our own measurements.
Steven Miles (reveled in book Oath Betrayed: Torture, Medical Complicity, and the War on Terror)

Bush is reading your MySpace

The Bush machine is using the internet to determine social networks. He is using sites like MySpace and FaceBook to determine your friends, their friends. Then link that to your bank records, purchases to find out where you (you as in everyone) is located in real time. Recentally Congress has looked in to forcing ISP to hold their social networking data for a longer peroid of time. Long enough for them to get a copy.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bush on getting Caught looking at your Bank records:

Bush on getting Caught looking at your Bank records: It hurts America.

No Bush you are destroying our rights. You are hurting America.

Bush is attacking liberal media for repoting this data.
1) it is the media's duty to be a check against the powers that be (this is a founding point of america's freedom)
2) more rightward leaning papers have reported the same facts, bush did not attack them
3) american's have the right to privacy
4) american's have the right to know when the president is breaking the law

Bush if you want to rule in this manner then you should go to China.

Pre-War Intelligence / Another Bush lie

Some of the information about the pre-war intelligence is coming out. See C-Span for more info on the subject.

One thing that struck me was the claim that Saddam was looking to purchase high quality satellite images of the east coast. Maybe Saddam was thinking about hitting us with a weapon. Possibly a nuclear bomb (except he doesn't have the missle), possibly a chemical or biological attack (except that every person that could leave the country probablly wouldn't return). But the "facts" remain that Saddam was looking for high quality satellite images of America.

Turns out he wanted high quality satellite images of Iraq. Something like Google Earth, only in black and white and static images. Some sort of GPS system, something like what the current American soliders currently do not have on our Humvees. The seller of the images had some freebee images he was willing to throw in for making the sell. It went something like this: Oh by the way your purchase comes with some maps of east American sea board.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Bush's Brother Jeb fucks democracy again

Jeb Bush has made hand recount illegal in Flordia.

Bush's Brother Jeb fucks democracy again

Jeb Bush has made hand recount illegal in Flordia.

Bush's Iraqi Civillian Casualities Estimate way off

Bush has under estimated the number of Iraqi civillian deaths by 20,000 people give or take Fallujah (Fallujah was not included in this estimate)

Bush's quiet flipflop

Recentally I read a new article entitled "Bush says no troop pullout decision made yet"

Here is what I predict. Bush sees that his creditability is steadily dwindling. He has demanded time after time that we will never leave Iraq as long as he is in power. But the military leaders are starting to pull out. Bush sees that he has no power to force them to stay. Recently republican senators were able to force the democrats to vote for a bullshit bill stating that Bush’s policies in the world are good and should be continued. Bush even went as far as to say that he doesn’t look at polls to decide what actions to take (almost a complete lie, this statement is only true when it has to do with the war)

So Bush is a little fucked right now because what he is saying and what is going to happen are going to contradict. So Bush needs to appear to have said we are going to pull out slowly. It’s going to take some crafty speeches to appear in control.

We know the truth Bush.

Update: 06/27/06
Bush is now saying it is up to General Casey.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bush lie responsible for killing 57 people

After the WTC towers collasped Bush falselly announced that the air was clean and safe.


57 people were killed believing this lie.

Republicans shit upon the 1965 Voting Rights Act again

Republicans have once again shit upon the voting rights act of 1965.

They want to refuse provisions that require bilingual ballots.

The first time (not first time, I should say the time before this time) they shit upon this law was when they elected Bush in 2004. By removing the votes of Black soliders from Ohio and the rest of the country. 2000 was no different I'm sure.

Republicans shit upon the 1965 Voting Rights Act again

Republicans have once again shit upon the voting rights act of 1965.

They want to refuse provisions that require bilingual ballots.

The first time (not first time, I should say the time before this time) they shit upon this law was when they elected Bush in 2004. By removing the votes of Black soliders from Ohio and the rest of the country. 2000 was no different I'm sure.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why the recent WMD's are proof that Donald Rumsfeld should burn in hell

Recentally some right wing senator proudly proclaimed that WMD were found in Iraq.

Well.. not really.

The defensive department was quick to shut this guy up.

You see these WMD were not from Iraq. They were from America, Donald Rumsfeld + Regan sold these weapons to their good buddy Saddam to crush Iran.

These WMD were older than the stuff we were looking for and they were most certainly forgotten about by Saddam because they were no longer useful. These things have a shelf life of only 10 years or so and this crap was pre-1991.

Saddam is not on trial for these weapons. If he was we would have to look at our own faults. This would bring us directly to Donald Rumsfeld.

Bush de-faces flag again

Bush once again has defaced a flag. (The first offensive was in 2003.) This time he does it in Austria by signing his name on it.

To me he has insulted America's symbol. He has insulted the people who came before him who worked to create this country in yet another way.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Response to "Surrender is not an Option in Iraq"

"Surrender is not an Option in Iraq"

Surrender? Surrender to who? Surrender for what reasons?
We are in the middle of a civil war between religious factions.

Project Management

In a company I worked for we had a project manager. One time he took on a project. He did a very terrible job at managing the project. He said it was going to be this big, it was going to take this long, it was going to be this complex, we could expect to use this many of these resouces, and in the end it would benefit us this much and in these ways.

Well it turns out he was all wrong. It was bigger, longer, more complex, used more resources, different kinds of resources, and in the end it benefited us very little and in different ways than the ways he promised it would.

You know what my company did? We fired him.

The reason I bring up this story is that the Bush regieme is making exactly the same kinds of mistakes as my project manager. Except the consequences of the Bush regieme's mistakes are costing us lives, non-renewable resoures, friends (allies), our very souls (murder of women and children, use of torture).

In my company we lost time and money.

Bush, Dick, and Donald Rumsfeld deserve no less than what my project manager recieved. They deserve to be fired. (And tried by their peers, then sent to jail, then they will burn in their own definition of hell).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bush screws poor again

The schools in Lousinia were closed after Katrina, all of the teachers and school employees lost their jobs. Meanwhile private schools are getting more money.

These schools are 95% black.

This situation takes leadership, we need a president to demand these schools be rebuilt and to fund this project.

Bush hates black people he hates the poor.

If a unwed couple were to come to him and ask to spend the night in his barn, he'd tell them to fuck off or put them in the Astrodome.

The Government is buying your data

U.S. government spent $30 million last year buying personal data from private brokers. But that number likely understates the breadth of transactions, since brokers said they rarely charge law enforcement agencies any price.

Another Bush Lie

The Lie:
Iraq is going well, Iraq's resistance is in the last throws, the Iraqi president wants America to stay.

The truth:
Look at any news source. It's all over the net, and tv news (except maybe O'Rielly and Fox) Iraq is a quagmire. It's a huge mess it is killing innocent women and children and breaking our own morales. We are doing things against our own religion no matter what your personal religion may be. Even satan worshipers have rules against rape. Iraq's own reports state that women's rights are down, freedoms of religion are down, freedom of expression are down, freedoms to be gay are down, the number of deaths per week has sky-rocketed.

To say that "Iraq's resistance is in the last throws" assumes there is an Iraqi resistance. The truth is that Iraq is in the middle of a civil war. One like none of us have seen or could understand. We have never had a civil war like this, we do not have this kind of extremism in our religions. The situation in Iraq is much more complicated than just that, there are also factions fighting for power, figthing for land, fighting to tie up America's resources so that we will change our policies with the countries of the middle east and Israel. Bush and Dick reduce this problem down to good guys and bad guys. That in itself is a huge fucking lie.

The Iraqi president Jalal Talabani asked for a timetable of withdraw.

Monday, June 19, 2006

New lows in torture

Rumsfeld kicks out all media, and lawers.

We threaten to surgically alter a prisoner's sexual orientation. (Male to female or removing of testicles) we force other prisoners to watch. We have surgically cut men's scrodum's with a scaple.

We use suffication duck taping prisoners nose and mouth closed.

We force people in cells too small to stand in and to small to sit or lay in. Prisoners can only croach down.

These people have no information to give us. Let them go.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Cheney's Tax Refund: $6 Million dollars

Dick's tax refund was 6 million dollars.

This is from stocks from Halliburton.

The vice-president gets paid $208,100 per year.

Bush and mine saftey - don't believe the hype

Recentally Bush signed a new law that would "increase" mine saftey.

Increase actually means a net-decrease.

Bush first allowed mine saftey inspections to be completed by mine owners.
Bush then toppled a bill that would give 15 million dollars to mine saftey.

People were hurt, killed, burnt alive, crushed, and trapped because of Bush's mine saftey concerns.

A few years later this asshole is trying to take credit for mine saftey by passing a law to encourage saftey training, the use of communication equipment, and the idea of keeping more O2 tanks near escape routes (O2 = fire).

If Bush had allowed the 15 million dollar bill to pass, if he didn't deregulate mine saftey inspections, if these people were not burnt, crushed, trapped and otherwise killed in direct coloration to his actions then and only then could Bush make the claim that he is helping mine saftey.

Bush has done more to harm mine saftey than any other president ever.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

How Bush stole the 2004 election

Kerry won 2004. Stastical evidance proves it. Exit polling results prove it.

Here's how Bush did it.

By targeting and question votes from Black and Jewish people.

Once the votes are challenged the voters are not notified of the challenge and if any evidance exists to proove that the person might not exist or live where she/he says she/he does then the vote is removed.

Bush paid several companies to determine leftward leaning voters: poor, black or jewish. This is nothing less than class warfare. It is also against the voting rights act of 1965. 1965!

The Bush machine sent letters to various Black and Jewish people that were away, fighting in Iraq. They marked these letters as "Do not Forward". These letters were not forwarded and were returned to the sender. Back to the republican party. The republican's now have proof that the individual does not live at the address. They used these letters to remove 300,000 votes.

Just for the record, John Kerry you are a pussy for not contesting this election. From now on every election will be decided in the courts months after the election results. Get used to it.

So this action by the Republicans is illegal, very illegal, we made rules to prevent this sort of thing 40 years ago.

40 years ago


Black Americans: either sit down at the back and the bus and shut up or get up and do something.

Since this is very very illegal, unethically, immorally, burn in hell illegal why wasn't something done? Well the go to guy is John Ashcroft.

What did John Ashcroft do?

There were still a few appointees left over from the Clinton era, when these people were notified and spoke out they were fired by Bush.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

US response to Guantanamo Suicides

Remove any and all media from Guantanamo Bay.

Shame on you Donald Rumsfeld.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rove is a fucking liar

KKKarl Turd blossom Rove recentally got off of charges that he exposed our CIA for his party's political gain (actually his testimony that he claimed that he did not remember telling someone one of something was deemed not unbelievable). In other words it is believable that he forgot if he had told the media the CIA agent's name.

Most people would go home happy to not be in jail. Not Rove, he goes to a republican convention and slams John Kerry. He basically says that John Kerry is a pussy and would not be there to help out a fellow man in War.

Truth check

John Kerry
Volunteered to join the conflict in Vietnam.
Ran head first into gun fire to save his peers.
Won 3 metals for bravery.
Fought hard to oppose the war he was morally against.

Karl Rove
Drew draft number 84 (meaning he should have gone to war).
Tested as physically fit for war 1-A(meaning he should have gone to war).
Got a student deferment (meaning he pussied out).
Lost his student deferment (meaning he really pussied out).
KKKarl Turn Blossom Rove goes on to get a worse deferment 1-H and eventually gets a few more (meaning he really pussied out a few more times).
He never goes to war, he never protests against it. He just hides (meaning he is a very large pussy).

American Military blocks Americans from universal website access

America's Military is supposed to stand for democray and freedom of speach.

I have heard many reports from various sources that soliders in Iraq are blocked from American websites.

Typically these are leftward leaning websites. But not exclusively. Veteran dedicated websites are blocked. Political re-election sites are blocked.

How can we stand for something that we do not tolerate ourselves?

Question not being asked

One question that not many people have touched conserns the forged documents linking Nigera and Iraq.

These documents were badly forged.

My theroy is this: American Neo-Cons drew up a draft of a document they would have liked to have found. They didn't know or really attempt to forge the document, they didn't know key factors such as does Nigera month-day-yar or do they day-month-year. They didn't know what typical headers one would find on a secure document such as this.

The American Neo-Cons (Dickhead) gave the document to the Italian Mafia/Government. They had hoped that the Italians would sign the document or at least pretend to have reveived the document - either way. The Italians not being complete dumbasses decided to pass on the secret mission. They agreed that they would pass off the document but they wanted no part of forging a real looking document. Instead they passed off the draft thinking that it would be quickly rejected by the public. No one looked in to it - so things were looking good. The Italians and Dickhead were hoping that the little fact that the documents were forged would be forgotten.

They were caught, the Italians went quiet, Bush got his war anyway.

The documents were so badly forged that one ponders George Bush's own computer skills. Microsoft Word really isn't that difficult. If George Bush can't use MS Word then maybe we should consider a manidatory IQ test prior to running for office (just kidding, I really don't think that is a good idea).

I am just kidding. The problem with the documents were not that they were badly printed or spelled they were inconsistant. Any one of us could have given these documents to our children and asked them to spot the inconsistancies, they would have got half the mistakes right off the bat, comare the fake ones to real looking ones and any 8 year old could have spotted the flaws. It's just like one of thoes puzzles in a Highlights magizine.

The forged document's flaws were the as follows: the letter was sent to the person it was sent from, (this person was the president who would not have actually done the spying), the minister of Niger mentioned in the document was not in office for the past 11 years, use of an obsolete letterhead, use of incompatible dates, poorly forged signatures, use of the wrong symbol for the president's office (something like this: letters to the presidnet are marked "P", whereas this document was marked "Pres"), in consistant use of date format (something like: mm/dd/yy and sometimes dd-mm-yy and sometimes YYYY MM DD hh:mm), in correct use of grammatical tenses refering to a future date as having occured in the past (something like: "back in 3008 I discovered"). The documents claim to have been created in 1999 but they refer to 2000 as having occured in the past. Actually the documents were created in 2001.

In Fact you really have to question Bush's sanity. His willingness to believe anything anyone hands him. The only way to believe this paper is not forged would be in the following scenerio.

Recieve letters. Huh, it seems the president of Italy sent himself a letter that he mis-addressed while attempting to send this letter to himself. Open letters. Huh, it seems the president must have picked up the old letter head. Huh, it seems the president forgot the date numbering convention multiple times while writing this letter to himself. Huh, it seems the president must have been advised by their spys and wrote this letter to himself speaking on behalf of the spy agency instead of just having the spy agency sending the letter. Huh, it seems the president became confused about what dates occur in the present and what dates occur in the past, he must not know what year it is now. Huh, it seems the president must have had someone else sign his name on these papers that he wrote and sent himself.

Only under that sceniro is the document believable.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bush's response to Gutanimo suicides: Blame the victim

The Bush war machine is asking us to believe that their victims killed themselves to hurt us. They labeled it asymmetric warfare.
Here is a list of what is wrong with that statement:

  1. Their deaths don't really hurt us (unless slightly tarnishing Bush is considered warfare)
  2. We were torturing them in ways condemed by the international commmunity
  3. Some of them were under the age of 18 when they were captured, they were told that they would never leave
  4. We took their hope from them and told them they should have no hope (we did not tell one of them that they would have been freed and cleard of all charges oops)
  5. We were actively preventing them from committing suicide by force feeding them and restraining them

Bush recently came out to say that we should give them a nice burial. According to this asshole America will treat their bodies with respect.

Bush treats their dead bodies better than their living souls.

These deaths are also on your head Bush.

Take Action: Annoy

There are some crazy bastards out there these people want to make sure that when you are filling out your crazy bastard list they are included.

These people protest Army graves, celebrate the attacks of 9/11, and hate people in general.

I think that someday, when Bush is old and grey he will see that these people are on the right side of religion. Bush's current position does not allow him to express his opinions outwardly, so we'll have to get back to him later to find out that he supports these people.

But on the issues and Bush are identicle: God is always correct, God's wrath has reason, Gay people are Gay by choice and this choice offends God, 9/11 happened not because of Bush's negligence but because God wanted Bush to start WW3.

There is a small bug on their website. Actually it might not be considered a bug at all. It does allow you to send their database data. To annoy these people visit the following link a few million times:

Take Action: Help to piss of George W. Bush

We know Bush stole the 2004 election.
Tell Bush you know he is a fucking liar.

  • Go to this link: Bush Stole the 2004 Election
  • Click "Email This"
  • Under "Friends' Email Addresses:" add the following text to send this story to Bush and Dick,,

I'm pretty sure that Bush automatically shit cans all messages sent to him from the public (email or otherwise). But at least you will to spam them a little.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Ann Coulter is a stupid bitch

Ann Coulter said recentally that he is tired of hearing victims go on the attack of the right wing agenda.

Ann if you cut out the victims you are cutting out a large voice. A lot of your opposition are victims of the Bush agenda.

These people have every right to speak. You don't want to hear from them because you can't go on the attack.

Bush Celebrates Murder and Death of individual

It's just wrong. The president of the United States is not supposed to celebrate death. Death and Murder are always bad.

al-Zarqawi should be in jail. Instead we have murdered him and celebrated his killing. It would have been better for our country to have him on CNN from time to time showing his anger. Maybe this way our people can understan why his people are upset. That communication was destroyed, and now instead we have Bush taking credit for shit he didn't do. (And could not have done as he has never served in an Armed forces, or cheney or rumsfeld)

Don't belive the propaganda that he can't read, and cannot fire a gun. This is America's propaganda machine at work.

Don't believe that his death is a step closer to ending the war or stopping the bad guys. We exchanged $25 million dollars to one of his ex-buddies for his death.

Let go to a graphic to illustrate the point:

See the $25 million dollars going to bad guys is more valuable than the death of one man. However politically celebrating 1 man's death is more valuable to Bush.