Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why didn't Cheney pay the $7 stamp?

Why didn't Cheney pay the $7 stamp?


Fuck them, he is vice president (actually president) of the United States. Some game-warden can't tell him what to do. What's he going to do arrest him? Fine him? Make him fork over the bird?

Fuck that, Cheney eats people for breakfast.

Cheney makes people disappear on the snap of a finger. News camera men that have pissed him off are now missing and probably being butt fucked by America's finest. He had his own guests at the State of the Union address arrested beaten and gone missing in front of the entire congress and while the world watching live on television. He even had a guy tortured for having a name that sounded close to someone else that he wanted removed in Germany.

Cheney has bombs bigger than this chicken little Texas ranger game warden fucker. Hell Cheney's old friend's retarded son used to be the governor of Texas.

Why pay a fucking little $7 dollar fine so some chicken shit can tell you what kind of bird you can and can't shoot.

(I don't agree with this mentality I'm just explaining it for my audience of normal humans so they can understand what he is thinking.)

Cheney didn't need to pay the stamp because he is above the law


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly, I'm from Texas and let me tell you that that is exactly the reason why this Dick didn't pay the fine. Hunters resent the fact that the government forces them to purchase a licence to hunt.

11:58 AM  

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