Monday, February 06, 2006

The "war" in Afganistan

Boy if I had a nickle for every time I heard the
words: "I agree with what they did in Afganistan".

I don't agree with what they did in Afganistan.

Lets disect what I mean by that.

The war in afganistan was actually a small
skirmish. It is not notable in talking
about in most Historical aspects.
Recall Rumsfeld saying that there were not
enough good targets. (Not enough war? what are your expectations?)

The meaning of the "what they did in Afganistan"
is not really about what they did so much
as to convey the idea that there was a time
after the attack that there was hope, we
saw and worked together to fix and repair
then propare together. Together we could
never be threatend my some small people,
people failing to get airplane licences,
people threating to destroy our world
trade center. We could overcome this and any obsticle {I'll get back to this issue later...}

By "What we did in Afganistan" we bring up
these following frames:




a well functioning tough set of leaders
making hard decisions in split seconds.
decisions that were critical for our
survival and or protection,

a well establihed and defined plan which was
executed with a military that was well
prepared for the type of combat

a good understanding of are reasons, goals,
expectations, including a well thought out
budget, a public that has been well
prepared in expectations of the skirmish in

on these following issues :

1) Justice is highly subjective.
In this since obtaining justice
depends on what we know about the
people, are ability to target these
individuals is a factor of the
success of the possible mission that
may be required in special

2) revenge is the same thing as obtaining justice
Except that it adds an additional qualifyer :

The action of the execution of punishments
in which might be the consequence in
restoring or mantaining justice may be
required is enjoyed. Such enjoyment is fun
The rights to feel this fun should not be
injfrendged upon, however that fun also
leads to poor decisions. Seeking revenge
to obtain fun creates a feedback loop into

3) protection was not required in this
circumstance. All attackers were dead
before we responded due to bad
coordination, leadership, and preparedness.
After we collected all of the available data
we had on the terrorists we found that we
had the names, and possible motives of
all of these terrorist there group, there
leaders, there funding methods, their
tatics. At this time we had about 50
guys that could speak or read Aribic.
Getting more of these guys and more of
these guys on the ground and researching
in a more effective way would have
protected us in the situaton. Which is
exactly what these cia guys have been
telling us for a long time.
Bush&Co. exposed our cia, there methods,
the resources they use, their
individuality, even mundane facts about
there booring desk job have come out as
an act of revenge by Bush & Co.
(see more on revenge above)

' a well functioning set of tough leaders
' making hard decisions in split seconds
' decisions that were critical for our
' survival and or protection,

After it was too late, after Bush stopped
reading the story about the goat. It turns out
that our enemy didn't really have much of a
plan, blow up a building then see what happens.

They didn't know we had bunker busters, I
remember one missle. Someone wrote NYPD on it
I laughed, it might have been the first time I
laughed in a while.

Well bunker busters are kind of expensive. Well
really expensive. And they work better on
buildings I suppose. There aren't a lot of
buildings in Afganistan. We took out a little
more than we needed to. Afganistan was a
decision, a very important decision.
You see
we could have blown the shit out of the entire
country or we could have fix the problem. Fixing means
investing in schools, farming and irrigation.
You see now the bad guys are dead. We killed
them yea go team. But did we kill everyone that
disagreed with us. We didn't invest in fixing
the country we invested in a leadership figure
head (that would stay alive long enough) to give
a speach giving us permission to leave.

Our decisions in Afganistan was staged for the
cameras of the TV news stations. After the
popularity of that war died down, little and no
attention was given to it. Resources were taken
from it and innocent women and children died
because of it.

How many of you felt sad when we saw the Afgani
dislike the bread crumbs we dropped for him
from the sky? Suddenly the people that killed
the other people in my country brought me sugar
and candies.

' a well establihed and defined plan which was
' executed with a military that was well
' prepared for the type of combat

Ok Gulani you go in there and reassure the
people me ''n Cheney will take turns playing
mr. president secret spy plane mission. We'll
meet back at a baseball field diamond to be
mentioned later and to get a sack of papers
then meet rumself tonight at the W.H. to tell
rumsfeld that we read it. Powell's job will be
mostly used to defend the presidential image
while Cheney and Rumsfled (Both non-military,
neither with tatical experiance nor any
veterin of any war) will hear the reports and
make tactical decisions which will include a
major restructing of the War Plans book.
Meanwhile we also need Powell to regain control
of congress, so please hold this asprin medicane
bottle and tell congress the exact opposite of the
thing you said in march about Iraq and wmd.
really scare the shit out of them, just in case.

' a good understanding of our reasons, goals,
' expectations, including a well thought out
' budget, a public that has been well
' prepared in expectations of the skirmish in
' afganistan

I'm not saying that they didn't know what was
going on out there I'm saying that they didn't
care. And that they bullheaded themselves into
an idealist neo-con hippy fantasy world while
losing the prime suspect in the case of The World
versus Al-Quedia, underfunding the rebuilding of
Afganistan and therefor losing the war against

You see you don't win a war with Afganistan.

If you think you can:
your either evil
#_Kill them towel heads_#
you think you do not need to fund.

#_Kill them towel heads_#

You cannot kill an entire group of
people without encouraging a group
of people to resist you.


You cannot kill a culture. You can alter
it overtime. Time well spent in this
situation has a great deal of meaning

You don't win a war in Afganistan
you can maintain one, but not for a
longer peroid of time than Afganistan
Afganistan has been around as long as
war has.

We will be in Afganistan to some capacity for a
much longer time than we will be in iraq,
we will be in debt for a time longer than this

On the budget, we funded tax cuts to stimulate
an economy during a time of war and during a time
when we mostly exported scrap metal and imported
every thing else Including the oil used to
fund our war machine. Even our smart bombs are
produced by the chinese.

This cannot be considered a good plan

By the way I would like to say that the war in
afganistan and iraq were funded and run using
"clinton's military" that bush had previously claimed
were "not ready for duty" and could not preform
adequatly he then ran down the military to levels never
before seen at least since the vietnam war era. Bush &
Co did not get armor that could have saved my friends
life. They ran into another war going a new direction so
quickly that they lost site of Afganistan. They lost
the bad guy, they created enemies and resentment towards
the united states, they did not adequalty respond to
the security recommendation provided to them by the rest
of the government and then used politcal power to make
broad changes to the economy and class strucutre of
America's society. There choices and decisions were so
bad that it forces the question to if they are trying to
gain power and control of the democracy by destabalizing
it. And when I ask myself this question I am force to say
yes. All evidance points in the same direction that Bush is
trying to destroy america.

If I were a person that hated america. Such that I really
wanted to destroy it If I really wanted america to crumble
like rome or other so called democracys. Then Bush would
be my best friend. Bin Lauden couldn't have picked himself
a better running mate than this northern yankee bush.

Imagine yourself as Bin Laden:

As Bin Laden trying to destroy america and choosing to use the
method to blowup major world trade economies, knowning that
you could kill as many people as you do in 8 years in
8 hours and having made that decision and find yourself
waiting for the retaliation of the Americans.

You would hope that any action would prevent a retaliation and
that any thing would happen to deter that relatiation and that
the retaliation would grow at an expodential rate directed at
another entity which you also hate for being non-Islam. And that
this war would grow and bring support to your own cause.

You would hope that america's legal system would tie up the works
although you know this is not a real good hope (as turns
out Bush's own distractions during the attack helped out a lot
more than any slow court order. Bonus! You get to continue your
attack, blowup something else.)

You would hope that you had a deep cave, a dead camel skin, and a
lot of friends, and a kidney dailais machine.

You would pray that some other distraction would come
about, perhaps that an Iraqi would lie to the
US about some sort of weapon cache and the US would
mostly get distracted. (Happened BONUS!! you get 3
months of free turns.)

Feeling that you have done what you could do and as a martyer
you would live on forever and hope that America would
grow tired of the war and hire some pakastanis to
chase you instead.

You would hope that the president would get distracted and
stop thinking about me, even announce to everyone in the world
that you are no longer a consern.

You would prey that there new war against the people
of mesopotamia would go badly and instead cause
sympothany for your cause and that this badly run war would
drag on for ages.

You would hope that simutanoisly bad laws, and corruption
would creap through america destablising the class
system and causing panic meanwhile they would be reassured and
continue to buy oil from your lands. (After that you merely
cut all of the oil and america's defences crumble.)

Let me offer my own suggestion of what the war in Afganistan
means: Failure.

The hijackers were not from iraq they weren't from
afganistan either. I don't know if we know today
who they were and how they were funded. But we did
not use our force to transform the tragety to a better

Imagine this: you are a child on a playground you
got a new pokemon card and brought it to school.
Another child come from behind you and takes your
card, you grab for it back he doesn't release it
and you choose to tear the card rather than to let
this child take it from your hands.
So you punch him out. Then turn to his older cousin and
beat the shit out of him as well. You beat the crap out of
him while everyone watches.

Now imagine that time freezes still for 38 months. Nothing
changes except the people watching you fight are starting to
dislike you.

Score: You didn't stop the child from taking your item.
You unjustly attacked the older cousin.
You lost friends.
You allowed and encouraged conflict to esclate
in ill-advised ways using propaganda and bad
Rank: 0/3


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