Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Still pissed off about $7

The more I think about Cheney not paying a $7 stamp the more it pisses me off.

Bush didn't seek rubber stamp approval either, but I think this is different.

Could you imagine the rush you would get being vp and doing something illegal? I know that if it were me hunting quail I would bring home the game and brag that I didn't pay the stamp. I mean it would be a rush to do something illegal, especially when you are that high up.

The $7 dollar fee is to make sure that this animal's numbers are accounted for. Not too many killed and not so many as to over-populate. Not paying it means that you don't give a shit about our laws, our land, our nature. The Bush war machine has shown us on a daily basis that it doesn't give a shit about our air, water, or land. This $7 fee is like saying fuck you to the system after you have already shit upon it and destroyed it.

Cheney has so much power (power to kill or kidnap anyone, power to torture anyone, power to make the presses say any bullshit he dreams up) that he doesn't give a shit about us anymore. Not us, not our land, not are air, not are water, not are wildlife, not our laws - even when it comes to a tiny amount of money.

I would say "Fuck you Cheney" but it's more like Cheney is saying "Fuck you America".

Here is the symbol of authority that Cheney disrespected
# 12.406. Class C Parks and Wildlife Code Misdemeanor. An individual adjudged guilty of a Class C Parks and Wildlife Code misdemeanor shall be punished by a fine of not less than $25 nor more than $500.

Deadly Conduct
(a) A person commits an offense if he recklessly engages in conduct that places another in imminent danger of serious bodily injury... is a felony of the third degree

In other words, if Richard Cheney was intoxicated or otherwise "reckless" then he should be in jail and paying a fine of $500 dollars. If he was just a bad shot then just the fine of $25.

Ok fine, you give us a blood sample and a promise that you weren't drinking and I'll forget all about this "media incident" and delete this blog entry. Cheap shot huh? For thoughes of you that don't know, Cheney has already admitted to drinking.

Given that and the fact that many of you other ditto heads have already said it was an accident I demand only the following: Bush gives Cheney a pardon or we get the fine and the admission of guilt in a court of law. You already bragged that you "pulled the trigger" now I want you to say that to a judge and pay the remaining fine.

The fine I propose is exactly what a Texan Game warden would propose following the laws of the land no matter who he voted for:

If you take Dick's Quail Stamp into budget that's $473.00 and jail or $18 and an admission of guilt to a texan judge.

The whitehouse spin on the issue is that Cheney "forgot" and he promptly sent in a $7.00 check.

How many Americans wish they could have done that when they got caught? I'm sure it's happened on a number of occasions. Only a person above the law is allowed to send in a check after the fact.

Let me illustrate what I mean. Using a chart: This chart represents the amount of money Cheney has. The blue area is the amount of money that is not concerned. The green line represents the amount of money that Cheney saved by shitting upon our laws.
The green line is about 1000 times larger than it should be.

Richard Dickhead Cheney didn't give it to a charity, he didn’t use it to fund Texas State game wardens, it didn’t go to save preserve the quail's population by keeping an accurate count of the stock of Quail per season.

Cheney this portion of his assessments for two reasons:
  1. it was fun to break the law
  2. 2) It is an investment to Cheney’s financial future.

Message to Cheney:
Consider that $7.00 on me, you can take it out of my taxes. I want you to consider that payment for job well done.

You can take that $7 bucks and by yourself a latte and take it easy on me. Sit back and relax. Don't worry about the demons that are going to come from the depths of hell and suck you down for your misdeads on humanity for as long as it takes you to drink that latte.


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