Monday, February 06, 2006

State of the Union Address Goes Badly

Not to mention that the State of the Union was full of lies and Congress clapping away at the loss of our liberties and other stupid nonsense (and only because everyone else was clapping). I will post a video of the address an rebut it word for word shortly. But this post is dedicated to the other BS surrounding the address ignoring the lies within the address.

The speech is full of reasons to be scared or to feel shamed at the poor decisions we have made in the last 6 years. This speech touched the lives of individuals as well. At least 3 people's rights were taken away on an individual level before and after the speech. The speech started late because they were busy pulling out two women that expressed their freedom in the form of writing on their shirts. One of them was beaten up locked up and then released, she opposed the administration (oops she was supporting our democracy by trying to fix it,, not trying to hurt our democracy by wearing a t-shirt, and she was well within her rights to do so, officials apologies too late.) The other was supported by the war machine president, so she was let go. The third was a guy who was detained and questioned for hours after the speech. I'm not sure if they let him go or not but I bet you they beat him up too.

Hell this administration has bombed news organizations that are opposed to it even jailed a camera man who still to this day does not know why he is in jail or if he will be allowed a court date to make his case that he is not a grand terrorist but only a mere technician with the skills to operate a camera.

Bush takes away our freedoms not only in broad strokes against the public but even to the specific individuals that piss him off. I think Bush got this trait from his well-known-to-be-a-bitch mom.

{if you are going to sue me for slander I just want to say that I will take the case to court and as my defense use the fact that nothing I have said is untrue, or even that it is necessarily my opinion. Barbra Bush has been called a bitch from many people who met her. Psychoanalysis that have studied Bush's relationship with his mom would concur that his mom's vindictive attitude is a trait that rubbed off on Bush, and that knowing this helps us to understand Bush's poor and ill-advised decisions. Furthermore Plame was exposed by this administration, when you fuck with my CIA and my saftey then I am forced to protect myself by walking in the light of truth.}

Fuck you Bush.


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